Just a thought

Busy doing chores this sunny Sunday. Nowhere I want to go, but there’s household stuff to do like washing, getting dry logs in, the usual stuff. Preparing for chillier weather and ensuring we’ve got enough essentials in to tide us over until New Year.

Before I went outside, I’d been lurking around a few comment threads and came across Zuckerbergs exposition of how wonderful his sparkly new ‘Metaverse’ was going to be, and how great it will be for users while he sells on all their personal data to the highest bidder, whilst telling people what to think?

I was struck by one salient thought about social media; it’s like a High School. Full of strange rules, half developed personalities, authoritarianism and confused sexualities. Yet the following phrase is now haunting me; how would you like to be stuck in an eternal High School, with no hope of graduation?

It’s why I no longer have any active SM accounts.

Addendum: There’s a petition to get the UK government to outlaw “No jab, no job”. Sign petition here. Do it now or be forever damned by your own inaction.