This is precious..

Apparently, arch-lefty Russell Brand has been branded a ‘Right wing conspiracy theorist’ by certain sections of the media.

All I can say is; welcome to the dark side young Skywalker….

This is sooo precious….

2 thoughts on “This is precious..”

  1. I’m really concerned about myself here. I’ve never really liked him much although he is a very persuasive and thoughtful orator. He does have good thoughts.

    Lately I’ve listened to a few Russell Brand videos and I found I’m in alignment with him on most things. That alignment always goes off when we come to his solutions. However, his conclusions on what is wrong is spot on.

    His solutions are the main issue I have with him but from his latest videos when he doesn’t know the solutions but something needs to be done is right. Now his opinion may change when he gets a solution but imo he has now earnt himself a space on the team looking at the issues and suggesting solutions and I now enjoy listening to him to make me think..


    1. I still don’t like the guy, but I enjoy watching him recognise all the issues, then try to apply tortuous lefty thinking to find a solution.

      However, I’ll give the boy this. He is trying. Under all that drug fuelled damage there is a brain trying desperately to work with broken tools.


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