Why ‘Green’ isn’t

As a wannabe Apiarist, I’m spending a lot of time studying the habitat and ecology, not only of Honey bees, but all the other native species of bee, like the bumblebee.

We keep getting told that bees are vanishing, but it’s not really honey bees under threat, it’s the wild varieties, essential pollinators, that are being decimated. Mainly by arable monocultures and modern pesticides. You know. All those things the politicians want to force us into with their ‘Green new deals’. Because subsisting mainly on vegetables is supposedly ‘good’ and meat eating is ‘bad’. Allegedly.

Unfortunately, anyone involved with ecology and mixed arable farming who has done their homework should be able to tell them that little land is really suitable for only vegetable crops, and a lot more is best suited for raising grazing species like sheep or cattle. There has to be room for all.

There is also the point that vegetable monocultures are positively harmful to native species of bees (And eventually the soil, water and air), which are some of the most tremendously useful creatures on the planet. It is why people say that that bees are going extinct. It is because they are being driven out of existence by the excessive use of land for vegetable and cereal growing. By increased pesticide and herbicide use, by Neo-nicotinoids and other such pesticides.

In order to fulfil the wild green fantasies of people like Bojo the clown and his missus, and all the other idiots who will be fulminating at COP26 in dear auld Glasgae, native species of bee would have to be wiped out. Why? Because these native species need marginal and grazing land which is their native habitat.

For a rough grounding on the topic, see video below. Yes, yes, I know it’s American, but the same variables apply. Larger monocultures and a higher vegetable content diet mean fewer wild species of bee, poorer pollination and eventually lower yields and all the bad things that follow.

Yes honey bees are great, and provide the basis for nice sweet stuff, mead, wax and sundry health and skin products, but we really need the wild varieties as well. Which is one of the things Mrs S and I are planning. Habitat. Making the layers fit together to form a better whole.

Unfortunately there are far too many moralising vegetarians who don’t understand how nature fits together who are responsible for the depletion of wild species essential to the health of the planet. Mixed agriculture, apiculture and arboriculture is the way forward. Omnivores, not vegetarians will save the world.

Never mind your carbon footprint. If there aren’t enough pollinating species, at this rate we’ll all be f**ked far sooner than by any projected temperature rise predicted by dodgy mathematical models. Models which might as well have been created by a newspaper astrologer for all their demonstrated ‘accuracy’. CO2 isn’t the problem, it’s the green meanies fantasy view of nature that will eventually cost us the earth.

14 thoughts on “Why ‘Green’ isn’t”

  1. The point about choosing to not eat other earthlings is a matter of ethics.

    If we want to solve the seemingly intractable issue if how to have a human population without fucking everything up,we need to drastically reduce that population

    But I reckon it is too late.


  2. “at COP26 in dear auld Glasgae”

    Ah. I perceive, sir, you are an outsider. In the local vernacular, if it’s anything other than simply “Glasgow” (which, for the overwhelming majority of us, it ain’t), it’s “Glesca”. Don’t ask me why.


  3. Everything the government touches it screws up. This is just one on a very long list.

    I also have bees and a small bit of land. I’ve made sure to accommodate wild bees on the land as well as my own and I have a few nests dotted around. Sadly, mainly rats, but at least some bees..

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    1. Rats are a hazard of rural life. Fortunately there’s an answer: https://youtu.be/YwAfp9QB5mk
      Let ’em drown and then put the corpses in a bucket with 5mm holes in the bottom for flies to lay their eggs on. Maggots drop through the holes as the fly eggs hatch. Hang up in chicken coop where chickens eat the maggots. Chickens get free protein, what’s not to like?


  4. “little land is really suitable for only vegetable crops, and a lot more is best suited for raising grazing species like sheep or cattle”

    Agreed, that is what the Greenies and Veggies overlook.


  5. 2 or 3 harvests every year are also causing the disappearance of species. Along with loss of hedgerows. The ground nesting birds never get a chance. I
    I remember hearing corncrakes.
    But being Green is never about facts, science, reality or useful actions.
    I can fly all over the world, at your expense, in order to explain to you, you pleb, why you should not be flying. Or motoring. Or eating. Or being warm. Or breathing.
    Excuse me, my limo awaits.


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