Told you so

So the UK is moving the goalposts yet again. Despite next to zero deaths from SARS/COV-2 infections regardless of ‘variant’ the travel restrictions will be shifted by ‘two to four weeks’. Can I just say “I told you so?” But I do not do so with any level of smugness.

Is anyone else out there feeling cynical? About the whole ‘minimise travel’ thing and the continuing pointless regulations regarding masks? In addition to “rapid response teams, putting in extra testing, military support and supervised in-school testing. ” This is psychological abuse on a massive scale

For my own part I enjoyed a meal out yesterday for the first time in six months. Six bloody months. It was a small pleasure to sit outside in the sunshine, and I did feel my cortisol level decline a little, but then I walked out of the restaurant and there were all the Stockholm Syndrome terrified staggering around wearing pointless masks and bing! Up it went again.

It doesn’t matter that you are over five times more likely to die of common pneumonia than a SARS/COV-2 infection or that the basic figures published by the UK ONS show the average all cause mortality rate is well below seasonal norms. Don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourselves. Do not, whatever you do, believe the clique of mathematical modellers and behavioural psychologists who make up SAGE or NPHET. Go see what real epidemiologists have been saying for months.

People have been frightened out of what little wits they had to start with, and as any fule kno, being a bedwetter does not a good decision maker create. Not to mention that the whole rabbit in the headlights look is so unflattering.

Oh, by the way; Watch the video below. I think it adequately describes where we are as a society right at this precise point in time.

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