Whitewash incoming

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that there will be a public enquiry over the response to the SARS/COV-2 pandemic, saying that the inquiry would have; “the ability to compel the production of all relevant materials and take oral evidence in public under oath”.

From Pinsent Mason; “The government can increase public confidence in the inquiry process if interested parties are allowed to comment on the terms of reference to ensure their interests are properly considered.”

Hmm… I have the sense that this ‘enquiry’ will only call specific witnesses selected so as not to embarrass the Government with awkward things like the true economic costs, the disintegration of trust between citizen and state institutions. Any boat rockers and whistleblowers will definitely not get an invite to this party.

Anyone else feeling cynical?

Update: at 5pm a pile of more regulations is going to hit, propelled by news of the ‘Indian variant’. Well that’s tonight’s curry cancelled then.

Update of update: The lockdown end dates haven’t been moved. Yet. Our expectations are being heavily managed.

9 thoughts on “Whitewash incoming”

  1. A Royal Commission would be the best bet. It would have “the advantage that it would take years to come to any conclusion and any conclusion it came to would probably be inconclusive.”
    Can’t recall the source of the quote.


      1. Thanks, Bill; if it wasn’t it should have been! Oh, forgot to add that the inquiry must be staffed and chaired by ‘safe pairs of hands.’ But I can confidently predict that ‘lessons will be learned.’


        1. Yes Glyn, but they are never very specific as to learned by whom. The public seem not to learn the lesson that we shouldn’t trust politicians.


  2. The inquiry will be like Jarndyce v Jarndyce.
    Eventually the findings will be published on the same day as an asteroid hits or some other bad news burying day.


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