On a more positive note…

I’ve been watching this branch of technology develop over the last year or two. All sorts of applications come to mind, which have already been trialled by the UK Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Special Forces, Mountain Rescue and even as a sport.

Or the new sport of Droneball….

I think the phrase I’m looking for is “Cool or what?”

You will believe that a man can fly. Because he can.

5 thoughts on “On a more positive note…”

    1. I think the maximum thrust per arm unit (Engine) is about 22kg per thruster, so that’s 44kg per arm with the two rear thrusters coming in at 30kg each. So that’s like pushing against about 88kg directional thrust with a total theoretical maximum lift of 148kg. Of course this will vary due to angular momentum, fuel remaining etc.

      From what I understand the arm thrusters also have variable throttles, so even if you’re a seven stone weakling, you’d still be able to use it. Just lock your elbows and push like the effort required to haul yourself to your feet. Looks like fun.


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