Day three

48-72 hours after the jab. Frosty morning. In May for goodness sake! Could be worse, could be locked down in Canada.

Discomfort in right shoulder has gone except when I press directly on the injection site. Still slightly light-headed and mildly feverish with a mildly productive throat cough that started this morning and disappeared about lunchtime. Sense of smell is attenuated but not absent. I can still smell strong smells, but most things pass me by. Resting pulse is still around 70. Temperature has dropped to 0.5 Celsius above normal.

Have carried on with the grapefruit juice and extra vitamin D and will do so for another three days at least. As my temperature is back in normal range, no more paracetamol is required. My muscles are still a bit creaky, but nothing that can’t be dealt with via my habitual sheer bloody mindedness. Yes, I’ve felt a bit crook, but I’ve worked with much worse.

So; verdict. Not something I’d choose to do because the benefits can’t be quantified with any degree of accuracy, no matter what the politicians and mainstream say. The vaccine might do some good, might not, but my advice is to keep on with the vitamin D, fresh fruit or fruit juice, moderate exercise outdoors and you probably won’t need a jab. Trust me, I’m not a doctor or ‘public health advisor’.

Interesting fact; the people most at risk of SARS/COV-2 infection have been those of non-north European heritage. The papers are in. From the CDC, Public Health England, this piece from the British Medical Journal and the Mayo Clinic. By the way. Those who had the original SARS 17 years ago are immune to SARS/COV-2.

In First Nations in the USA and Canada for example, the hospitalisation rates have been as much as 5.3 times those of European heritage. For those whose DNA originates more recently in Africa, it’s 2.4-2.8 times. Yet I saw no-one of obviously immigrant heritage at the vaccination centre on both Mrs S’s visit or mine. That said, this is the wilder west of Ireland.

This confirmed my suspicions early on during this pandemic response that those evolved for North European climates are less likely to succumb to these respiratory pathogens. Most native Europeans are hereditary survivors of things like the Black Death and repeated influenza type pandemics, so an element of hereditary immunity is a factor here. Heredity is a bit of a lottery though, so I wouldn’t lay any bets on it.

This makes sense, as those with darker skins in high latitudes get less benefit out of direct sunlight and should have been prescribed 2-4000UI of vitamin D supplements per day. The old guidelines 0f 600UI are pretty conservative with much higher doses being recommended.

The US NCBI published Cynthia Aranow’s paper back in 2011 (Also in The BMJ Journal and elsewhere) and it was well known before then that extra vitamin D was good for the immune system.

Which always baffled me. Vitamin D3 is cheap as chips and it works. Don’t take my word for it, just google ‘Vitamin D and immunity’. The advertised risk of kidney disease is pretty low, by the way. At least it doesn’t flag up in the quoted studies.

The other indicators of increased hospitalisations and mortality are crowded living conditions and poverty. Poor diet likewise. Although as an all round supplement, milk is good for you as it is an excellent source of dietary vitamin D. Even if it is ‘raaaaycyst‘. At least according to the New York Times. They want to drag their deranged politics into everything. Especially places where it doesn’t belong, like diet and immunity. Disagree with them and you are automatically ‘Alt-right’. Dimwits.

Notwithstanding such nonsense, the figures regarding the fallout of the prolonged punishment beating of lockdowns are now beginning to come in, and the alcoholism stats alone are through the roof. See the interview below from the Spectators YouTube channel.

Mrs S by the way, is now determined to get me into a barbers, who predictably aren’t answering the phone this week. Either they’re too busy getting ready or they’re shut until the ‘official’ opening date of May 10th. Frankly if the barbers aren’t doing the full service of shaves and hot towels, I’m not really interested. Why go for just a haircut? I want the full pampering or my money is going to stay firmly in my wallet.

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  1. Very instructive, Bill, but a bit late for me as I had my 2nd jab last Sunday. Symptons negligible so far, like the first jab in Feb. On both occasions I put this down to imbibing a prophylactic ‘livener’ immediately beforehand – the vaccine point is next to the local pub – and two more afterwards. Pleasant way to spend an afternoon.


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