Going through the motions

At present there’s not much happening. Mrs S and I have been sloping off to the beach every day when the sun shines, taking the back roads to avoid the mercifully rare Gardai checkpoints. We’re not stopping and talking to people at length, so we’re hardly likely to catch anything or pass it on. There’s supposed to be a video, but for some reason it’s still being ‘processed’. At least on Bitchute, so here’s the Rumble version.

The only problem we have is having to wait another month before the restrictions are supposed to be lifted. (Yeah, right) That and the seasonal spraying of manure to improve the grazing on the meadow overlooking our little domicile. Boy, doesn’t that just clear the old sinuses. I’m told there’s some rain forecast, sometime. Can’t come soon enough.

In the meantime I’ve been spending some time reading up on the factors that drove some of my ancestors out of Ireland in 1843.

There’s a body of opinion that solely blames ‘the English’ for all Ireland’s problems during those times. Yet the facts, as presented, tell a more nuanced story of the great outflow of Irish people that happened in the 1840’s, of which my ancestors were a part.

One of the points that sticks in my mind from the video is the disparity between the rents paid, and what those nasty bloated plutocrats of English landlords received. Say a rent was forty shillings a year, the land owner only got three. So that’s thirty seven shillings going to the land agents and other middlemen. The system had become financially over balanced. So much so that when the hard times hit, the poor buggers at the bottom of the pile had nothing left, and the top people had no reserves, while the middlemen were sitting pretty, trousering the greater percentage of the rents.

The great potato famine wasn’t the only one to hit the Emerald Isle, but it was as they say, the last straw, the final blow. It was a real tipping point, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands from disease and starvation.

Now this is just an observation on my part, but I have the distinct impression that you poor buggers across the Irish sea are headed for a similar crisis as the EU steps up it’s trade war, and your own government has deemed it illegal for you to leave. Hard times are a-comin’ folks, and if you think Bojo the moron’s half-baked draconian regulations will keep you ‘safe’, think again. The pandemic has been over since last May and they’re still going to keep you locked down until September. At least.

You think not? Then why has ‘furlough (a.k.a. unemployment payment) been extended to September 2021 and people forbidden to leave on holiday? Answer me that. All the time illegal, and possibly infectious, immigrants are being let in on the grounds that they will form a pool of cheap labour and keep demand for pay rises low.

I mean, our current crop of Irish politicians aren’t much to write home about, but at least the Gard don’t come round kicking in your door because you’ve had more than the regulation number of friends round for drinks. There aren’t enough Gardai for starters. Besides, we still have policing by consent over here in the civilised wilder west of Ireland.

No I’m not gloating, just amazed that no-one in the UK is currently rioting, chucking rocks at Tory Ministers or the Stasi currently masquerading as the UK’s Police Service. Like the Danes are, like the Dutch are. And the French. And the Germans and Italians.

At least nothing is flagging up in my news feeds. If anyone has any primary sources, I think we’d all like a heads up.

2 thoughts on “Going through the motions”

  1. Pretty sure you’re living not far from my late mother’s home out in beautiful west Clare, if it was just me i’d be one of your neighbours, but that’s not to be, sadly.

    Anyway, the trouble in England is not actually the govt or even the media (pre programmed droids?), it’s the disturbingly Borg like actions beliefs and deference to the idiot box in the corner of what i estimate is some 80%+ of the general public.
    I gave up on the media long, decades, ago when i could see it was increasingly becoming with sadly few exceptions a propaganda machine for the governing elite, an elite that may live anywhere on the planet and is nothing at all to do with the govt of the day, who are really just prefects doing said elite’s bidding, ‘reported’ by a biased and bought media.
    There’s a reason for the two party state where one’s choice of vote invariably is the supposed least dangerous of two hopeless parties led by clowns.

    My own humble efforts to show a different side to things are met with unbelievable hostility, those who might agree are going along with the circus because they don’t want to be singled out or have people call for their cancellation as those who question things find all too often, not face to face of course these warriors are behind keyboards, useful idiots who lack the nous to look historically at what happens to useful idiots when they are no longer of use.

    The 80%+ are doing the state’s bidding for them, the hostility towards any dissenters varies between sad and shocking in its vehemence.
    My lovely wife puts things more eloquently than i, as she often points out the people shouting the loudest for more drastic lockdowns and more state haven’t been kicked in the bollocks enough by either life or the state, when it’s probably too late to do anything about what is coming they might wake up and smell the coffee, but i won’t be holding my breath.

    What is interesting is any discussions about current events with colleagues, conversations i don’t myself start for obvious reasons, invariably my Brit colleagues parrot word for word from the idiot box in the corner, my East European colleages and others i meet elswhere could not be more opposite, they know what’s coming and want no part of it, no prizes for guessing which group are willingly having the current untested medical treatments and which won’t touch it with a bargepole.

    Several East Europeans have expressed surprise at my views of the state of affairs, generally they don’t discuss such things with Brits because the Brits don’t think for themselves…their words not mine, oh and often there is a warm handshake at the end of these conversations with the EE chaps.


    1. Mmm, yes. Ex pats of all nations are of a more independent mindset. Those behind cling to the familiar and often resent those who moved on, preferring habit to actual thinking. At least that is my experience.


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