Good grief…

A pleasant surprise dropped into my YouTube feed this morning. David Davies has introduced into the UK Parliament a bill which is meant to promote freedom of expression in the University system.

“A Bill to place a duty on universities to promote freedom of speech; to make provision for fining universities that do not comply with that duty; and for connected purposes.”

Currently awaiting it’s second reading. This is good news, providing this private members bill stays the course. It will be interesting to see who pops up to speak against it, or plays silly buggers with this bill at the Committee stage.

“And connected purposes”? Might this mean all those anti-social media platforms?

Popcorn on standby.

2 thoughts on “Good grief…”

  1. A bit OT Bill, but I think this will interest you. First I heard of this was back in May 2020. Now, I recommend you watch all the video, else you won’t get the full perspective of this story. Its one of Polly’s videos. It involves Tanzania and Madagascar, the Madagascar part being the most important.

    Today, I found this, via Legiron on Twitter…


    1. Which begs the question; where are we buying these PCR tests from? If they are coming in already contaminated from you-know-where, no wonder the detection rates are so high.


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