Ennui in D minor

Busy doing nothing effective and getting rather fed up. It’s like the whole business world has dozed off. Emails don’t get answered.
Voicemail boxes are full. Enforced inactivity is fine for a few days, but for the best part of a year? For a virus that has a mortality rate not much higher than seasonal Influenza and can be killed by soapy water (Amongst other things)?

That and nearly half the population seems to have lost their reason. I need at least another two very fiendish Jigsaw puzzles to tide me over this lot, as it doesn’t seem likely that we’re getting out of this nutty lockdown situation anywhere soon. For light relief I shall be playing a little Johannes Sebastian Bach in the background. Ignore the flailing hands, I’m probably miming to “Toccata in Fugue” on the headphones, again. If I’m swaying from side to side it’s Brandenberg concerto no 3 allegro moderato.

Outside it’s been snowing, landlords kids have been out snowballing and tobogganing and I’m wondering when all the global warming we keep getting promised is going to turn up. All that job lot of sun cream I bought as an investment is starting to go off.

2 thoughts on “Ennui in D minor”

  1. Do not pretend that you do not know that Global Warming is a forbidden topic these last ten years.
    Now it is Climate Change, or on a really hot, or cold, or wet, or dry afternoon, CLIMATE CHAOS.
    Now we can expect extreme, unprecedented (at least in my Grand daughters memory) and record breaking (the record being her diary) heat, cold, drought, floods, hurricanes and calm, sometimes all in a single day.
    And all caused by that gas you breathe out.


    1. It’s not that I don’t know, it’s just that I don’t care. What the mainstream call climate chaos, I respond with “Hah! Call this chaos? A bit windy, wet cold or warm and you think it’s chaos?” Some people are such drama queens. They need to pack a bit of life under their belts.


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