The never-ending lockdown

Well it’s official. From the UK Governments web site. The lockdowns will continue.

(4) In regulation 19(1), for “17 January 2021”, substitute “17th July 2021”.

The lockdowns that don’t work. The numbers say so. Lockdowns that have no real effect upon either infection rates or mortality.

Which begs the question; when will this madness end? Because it is madness. Social and economic suicide. Murder by numbers. And these lockdowns are murder. Every single suicide of people stripped of the means of making a living and now can’t make their mortgages. By their own government. People whose savings ran out. Stripped of their self-esteem with no way out. Murdered by every government agency. Murdered by the Police who force them to stay in their own homes with little respite. Despite the evidence that lockdowns are harmful. Over a hundred scientific papers have proven that salient fact.

As one who is on the cusp of being in an elevated-risk age group I will say only this; I’d rather take my chances with SARS/COV-2.

Update: Yes I know this only ‘allows’ the extension of lockdowns, but does anyone out there for one minute think that this power won’t be (ab)used?

8 thoughts on “The never-ending lockdown”

    1. A ‘hundred thousand’ excess deaths is a big scary milestone. But how many people did Influenza shuffle off this mortal coil in previous years? 50,000. That is influenza alone in Winter season 2016-17. That’s without padding the stats with dodgy PCR tests, or listing everyone with a positive test who dies within 28 days, of whatever cause, as a “COVID-19” death.


    1. Abuse is no argument. Prove me wrong and I’ll reconsider my position, but then I think you can’t because the first thing you did was gravitate to insult. Not the sign of an engaged intellect.

      I came from the position of taking precautions and was moved by the evidence to being against masks and lockdowns. If you’re really that concerned, wear two masks, maybe three and then soak your keyboard in disinfectant. Hell, wrap your head in clingfilm if you really want to stop absolutely every pathogen. LOL.


  1. Of course lockdowns and fear mongering will continue, not just July we’ll be destroying the economies of the (once considered) free world for years until the time is right, its nothing to do with the’ virus’, this virus is the chosen fear vehicle for the reset they’ve been planning for years, it’s working too.

    They won’t be ready and it won’t be over until enough of the population are ruined and totally dependent on the state, begging to be saved.

    What’s really frightening is that so many people have partaken of the kool aid, you don’t have to look far before you find those who would inform on others to please the regime, and some who would push the state’s chosen enemy onto the cattle trains.


    1. So, what do we do? How do we fight back? I’d start by informing on the informers. Do unto them before they do unto you. Give them a dose of their own medicine. Disrupt the system using their own dedicated snitch lines. Fight fire with fire.

      When a few doors are kicked down and fines issued against would be informers, legislators and enforcers, that will change a few hearts and minds.

      This is war.


  2. I am reminded of the typical small boy, and some not so small, who will continue to protest innocence even when presented with incontrvertable evidence.
    But it’s true. Honest. It wisnae me. A big boay did it. ‘an ran away.
    I think a little loss of income would cause a change in the model outputs.


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