Don’t know what triggered it, but today it hit me, out of the blue, a sense of overwhelming despair. I’d done all my work for the day, met all my objectives. A bit of a struggle, but that’s not rare. At the moment everything is taking ten times as long at it should and that is weighing upon me.

Like so many others I’m not having a good lockdown. Frankly if I met anyone who rubbed my face in it about being a bit down I’d be inclined to lose my rag and give them a lesson they might not have the time to regret. If you’re having a good lockdown then you’re either one of the clever buggers who can get around the system, or one of those smug public sector arseheads who takes great delight in only doing a tenth of their usual workload and blaming a disease, when it’s the response to the disease that is really causing all the harm.

We keep on getting told that our hospital systems are ‘overstressed’ and we need to be locked down under house arrest because we have to ‘save our health services’. Well here’s a thing. It was reported in the Guardian that between 2010 and 2019, 15,834 beds have been cut in the UK’s ‘wonderful’ NHS (Stats Here).

No wonder the political class have been running around with their trousers around their ankles, blaming everyone else. Public health provision has declined in real terms. Therefore no spare capacity in the Health system when SARS/COV-2 escaped from the great prison-state of Communist China. Now the whole world is imprisoned.

But the ‘challenge’ was risen to. People voluntarily forfeited their turn in the health care systems, temporary hospitals were built and never really used, some even decommissioned. But the restrictions continued all through the Summer. Then the mask mandates were brought in, during the smegging Summer for heavens sake! Low season for respiratory disease. Face masks which do not protect against viruses and even act as a sink of infection for respiratory disease. See this article from Livescience, which contains the quote from one mask study;

” most swabs from the outside of patient masks were positive for coronavirus”

Consider this. Trying to stop the spread of SARS/COV-2, or any other virus with a surgical mask is like trying to stop a plague of mosquitoes with chain link fencing. The mesh of the fence only serves as a place for the mosquitoes to perch, like the fibres of a mask give the droplets carrying viruses somewhere to pause before being drawn into your mouth and throat with the next inhalation. The overall effect is to concentrate the amount of virus laden droplets you breathe in, because they are not dispersing normally to be killed by natural Ultra-violet light. One might even posit that the pandemic is being extended by the use of masks, when UV light and chemical means would be far more efficacious.

If we were looking for patterns of viral spread, we might be better following the weather rather for looking for patterns in lockdowns. Dry bright sunny days where UV is high means less viral spread. Chilly, rainy weather when the moisture content of the air is higher means a quicker and more pervasive spread. Or staying indoors. The average home or office is the best place to catch a disease, next to hospitals of course.

Now think about this; UV on the skin stimulates vitamin D immunoglobulins vital to boost immune systems. Which means half an hour under a sun lamp every other day would not only kill the viral spread, but also boost anyone’s immune system high enough to fight off most infections. As well as making them feel better. Sunlight, if you hadn’t already noticed, is a mood elevator. Being indoors all the time, not so much.

If we really, really wanted to kill this pandemic completely stone cold dead we should re-open all the tanning salons and give out free sessions, not get the Police to shut them down. Sunbathing in moderation is good for you. Better than you think. Science fact; UV light is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It has long been used in food production facilities to sanitise food prior to consumption.

Yet we’re still using lockdowns and masks when they are contra-indicated and found not to work.

Later today I’m off to run the gauntlet of Gardai checkpoints enforcing stupid regulations which are simply keeping this pandemic going. It really makes me despair.

Update: The UK Advertising Standards Authority are having a go at an advert put out by the Government. Commented on by the erudite Mr Webb below.

If you have concerns about one of these scaremongering advertisements. Complaints page is here. Every little helps.

10 thoughts on “Despair”

  1. “We keep on getting told that our hospital systems are ‘overstressed’ and we need to be locked down under house arrest because we have to ‘save our health services’. Well here’s a thing. It was reported in the Guardian that between 2010 and 2019, 15,834 beds have been cut in the UK’s ‘wonderful’ NHS”

    That’s not the only thing Bill, my daughter is a ward sister and is currently working a 6 day week. It would be 7 but she has a family to look after too. The reason for the current situation is staff shortages, a lot of which is caused by staff sitting at home self isolating. We discuss this kind of thing a lot, her staff are not too bad but most have been moved to other wards, last week my daughter had 29 patients all to herself at one point, and that’s on a surgical ward. There are supposed to be (by law I think), 4 nurses to the 29 bed ward minimum. There have been days when she gets home from work and bursts into tears.

    Even when she is supplied with a couple of staff, these are often ‘bank nurses’ from other hospitals, many of which have never worked on a surgical ward. I suspect that means my daughter still has to do all the work, while the bank nurse stands there and watches. The next day will bring a new bank nurse.

    Why should she care so much, when the hospital doesn’t give a damn? But that’s her biggest problem, she does genuinely care and worries about her patients. The management seems to have disappeared, leaving the doctors and nurses to sort it all out.

    Until I spoke to her about it, I was under the impression that hospitals were empty. Some are, but others are overflowing. She tells me that it depends on what facilities the hospital has, and hers is the biggest in the county with most facilities. They have also been taking patients from London, apart from other surrounding counties.

    I’m not sure that I fully understand how the system works but surely there’s something seriously wrong with the whole thing.


    1. That’s a fair summation. It anecdotally fits in with earlier data published in November / December 2020 that showed about 20% of hospitals have been running at full capacity, where others are virtually empty.

      As for the ‘Nigtingales’, one sees a few patients, another two on standby and I’m fairly sure the rest have been mothballed, At least from the available reports. If you have better information, please share.


      1. Well, I do know that the Nightingale in London has been taken down, its gone completely. So has Birmingham I hear. The NHS says that the problem is staffing, however to me that’s no excuse in any hospital. As I said previously most of those nurses who are at home (according to my daughter) are self isolating – or to put it another way, because they can, on full pay. The remaining staff have been spread very thin.

        The government are complaining about hospitals reaching breaking point yet they do nothing about staff shortages and close field hospitals like the Nightingales which have seen very few patients. Do you remember back in the 70s when the fire services went on strike? They wheeled out those Green Godesses manned by the army. Who would be better equipped to staff the Nightingales? I refuse to believe that the forces do not have the doctors/nurses and other staff to operate field hospitals.

        To me it seems that the only crisis within the NHS is all the people swinging the lead, especially the management.


  2. I,m wondering if you nebulised a saline solution if it would kill the virus in your nose , i mean deep sea fishermen breathe salt laden air and it doesnt do them any harm.. salt is supposed to pierce the corona evelope and kill it

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    1. The old cold ‘cure’ of a bowl of hot normal saline with a little extra salt as an inhaler bath with a touch of menthol often helps clear the old tubes. Even a day on the beach is better than being locked down at home.


    1. Yet there have been idiots who claim that UV light has been ‘bebunked’. The only bunk too often comes from these ‘fact checkers’ and ‘debunkers’ who wouldn’t know the scientific method if it ran up their trouser legs and bit them.


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