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Mrs S and I had a difference of opinion yesterday morning. She opined that it was a good thing that the sitting US President with the initials DJT had all his social media accounts suspended and deleted. Apparently for spreading “disinformation and hate”. Which is interesting. Apparently he was trying to tell his supporters to “Go home.” because “We need peace.” So Arsebook and Twatter decided this was not what they wanted their users to hear. So his accounts were suspended. Along with thousands of others. Took the screenshot below just before posting. Video from GABTV here. Does that sound like ‘hate’?

I disagreed vehemently with my other half, referring to these social media shutdowns as ‘fascist’. I told her that shutting down someone just because you don’t like them much, is a very, very bad idea. It’s like smacking the phone out of someone’s hand when they’re talking to someone else. Principally because how do you know someone is being an arse and ‘spreading hate’ if the only ‘evidence’ there is comes from some dodgy rumourmongers and propagandists (Calling themselves ‘journalists’ ho bloody ho)? Even on the supposedly neutral BBC (Guffaw) and even hitherto respected organs of the UK press (FT, Times, Telegraph and Guardian). Can what they say be verified by primary source information or not? If so, okay. If not, they’re more full of it than I am. Likewise, if the primary source is denied to me using the argument “We will tell you what to think.” or “You wouldn’t understand it”, then my subconscious tends to cry “Foul! Ref!”

Seems to even my limited intelligence that someone is telling massive porkies or at least misrepresenting what really happened at the US capitol. For my part, as a staunch advocate of fair play, I actually try and find out what the recently unseated DJT actually said on a given occasion, and it is so often at odds with what the mainstream tell us he said. Far from being a ‘spreader of hate’, DJT tells his audiences that he loves them, repeating allegations that the mainstream will not touch. “Oh noes!” Scream the lamestream. “He’s spreading hate and disinformation!” Despite information being in the public domain that supports the case for prosecution of those favoured by the mainstream media.

Say for example that old you-know-who had destroyed possibly incriminating computer hard drives and phones, his feet wouldn’t have touched the floor, but someone from a family beginning with ‘C’ only had to state that this was not so, presumably with her fingers crossed behind her back, and magically there was no case to answer. Or fact based allegations that a specific politician was taking foreign money and making a crooked buck by peddling influence, not to mention being a possible paedophile.

The public too often get patted on the head and told “Nothing to see here, move along.” But we can see what’s going on. Only the wilfully blind cannot, it’s that blatant.

Despite not liking DJT much as a public persona, I had to admire some of the things he was doing. Scaling back US military interventions in the Middle East and Afghanistan for example. When of course his military staffers did what they were told. Bringing jobs back to the USA despite the lockdowns and civil unrest perpetuated by mostly Democrat administrations. He also liked BREXIT, which his successor doesn’t.

Not to mention the election shenanigans that gave the victory to the Democrats, despite evidence of fraud that the courts point blank refused to examine, not entirely sure why. Yes there is evidence. Shady stuff was done. But those perpetrating such deeds presumably steered far enough to the windy side of the law that the courts couldn’t do much. So dies the US Republic.

Regarding the US Elections, satirically commented upon by JP. Were some of those ‘Trump supporters’ actually Antifa? Certain tattoos tell an interesting story.

How long before poor old JP gets hauled off to the Gulag for revealing state secrets?

Drone strikes incoming to all the pro-Trump faction. Must invest in those companies before the share price goes up. Personally I’m with Viva Frei as below.

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  1. Okay Bill, I’m going to do something unusual for me and go full conspiracy theory on you… but before you dismiss me as a lunatic, at least hear me out. There are only a few things I can say that are factual and I’m basing on those here.

    Things I know (or can take to be correct), through careful (as far as I can) research and viewing available video, on occasion downloading it and moving through 1 frame at a time. Because I want to know the truth.

    During the melee (if you can call it that, none of the videos show any real violence) when the chamber was evacuated, laptops were stolen, some still displaying sensitive data. Two of these belonged to Pelosi and Pence.

    The crowd had been infiltrated by Antifa, one of the videos shows them being bought in on 6 charter buses with police escort – but not only that, some of the Antifa crowd were hired actors – the guy with the viking horns is one, he did have an online profile with resume which I visited, don’t know if its still there. Another is the fat guy who walked off with a podium. To me, that says Antifa had already been counter infiltrated before they arrived, but by whom?

    There is plenty of video evidence showing the police/security removing barriers and opening doors, inviting the crowd in. That, plus the very poor acting by some of the crowd/police tells me that the actual storming part of the protest had been pre-planned, and as far as I can see, to make Trump out as the aggressor in the MSM.

    About a week ago, Trump stationed 2 naval fleets, off the East and West coasts of the USA. This was verified by one of those shipping tracker sites.

    Now we arrive in conspiracy theory territory. Trump still has options open to him, which are military. This is from Neon Revolt on Gab, it may be conspiracy theory right now, but it does address a lot of questions, does it not?


    1. Ripper, I’d heard via Tony Heller that something was coming.

      Now I’ve had a look at the US fleet dispositions to Jan 4th, and to be honest have no idea what they are usually like so can’t really comment.

      There’s the usual SAR and coastguard activity out of Puget Sound near where I used to live, and up and down the West coast. Hospital ships at San Diego. No idea what the major US strike groups are up to..

      As for that slimeball Pelosi’s unsuccessful try at weaselling her way into the US chain of command. It may be nothing. We shall see.


      1. I wouldn’t touch Pelosi with a Barge Pole. But then it is none of my business. America is going to have to get on without me. If they can’t see how dreadful she is then more fool them.


  2. Now I can only wait in anticipation of the cock up that will result from Biden.
    At least Trump appeared to be In Charge, which is more than can be said for most of them over the last 100 years.
    Bush W was the funniest because he knew he wasn’t and wasn’t afraid to say so. Trump changed that.

    I have no idea if my comment is pertinent to The Blog Post. I did so love America of old. But something went seriously wrong. And is now fast heading for seriously wrong again. And I had to say that.

    Stick with Eire. All real Irishmen are mad, but at least you know it.

    PS. I think that you are so brave. And we all have to start somewhere.


      1. No gas?
        Thought you could still get the real stout there.
        I remember me and a pal having a few bevvies, eventually 13 each. He had a real job and kindly bought most, with a break half way for a cheap Student’s Union meal of individual “steak” pie, with baked beans.
        The story was that Glasgow and West Scotland got the Dublin stuff and Embra got the inferior London fluid.
        At the end of the evening we made our way back to his flat for Doors (yes, I am old) and a couple of exports.
        The atmosphere was a bio, and probably a fire, hazard. But neither of us suffered any other ill effect, and it was not cold so all windows could be opened – wide. A testament to the soothing effect of the St James Gate product and careless youth. The good Dublin stuff, Arthur’s or Murphy’s is still nectar but my capacity is much reduced.


        1. Recycled Liffey water has never had that effect on me. Cheap lager yes, but not the real deal. Over here in the wilder west of Erin we have people in little vans buzz around, making sure the real stuff is not compromised on any way.


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