The Tao of Jigsawry

It’s Christmas, and one of the things this means is that it’s Jigsaw time. Put simply, this means that Mrs S and I get the most fiendish puzzle available in the shops, and proceed to complete it. Usually a map or montage of some kind of around 1000 pieces.

Personally I find completing a jigsaw an engrossing and wholly cerebral pleasure. Helps me think clearly because it forces me to focus my dusty frontal lobes on the task at hand. It calms me down and dispels the darkness from my soul. And there’s a lot of that at the moment. Governments reneging on promises to their populaces not to interfere with Christmas, then U-turning over a relatively mild viral mutation that’s been around for ages without bumping the death count outside of the seasonal norms. Go figure.

Whenever I’m annoyed or unsettled, I go down to the kitchen table and force myself to focus on the task of completing the puzzle, normally a process that takes up an hour or so a day over two weeks. Such is the Tao of Jigsawry, the Zen of a thousand pieces. To be honest I find it very relaxing. Focussing on the emerging pattern brings a crystal clarity that would take a zen master six months to attain. Me, I find it inside an hour of settling down to bring order out of the semi-chaos of a puzzle.

Regrettably this year we may need yet another Jigsaw as I’ve already almost completed our current one inside seven days. Mrs S is not best pleased, but she appreciates what is driving me to spend three times my normal schedule. It’s all these on again off again lockdowns that are driving me to distraction. Not that the lockdowns work. They’re all just an excuse for the political classes lack of courage and vision. The politicians haven’t a clue, and as the saying goes, if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Fortunately we have a few days before the fascist state tries to drive us all nuts with yet more tiers and more restrictions and one of my tasks if to buy another bottle of Jameson’s for me and a Vodka for Mrs S, thence yet another, more fiendish puzzle still. I think I’m going to need all the Jigsawry and associated calm available over the next few weeks.

One upside is that we’ve been promised a white Christmas. Which should annoy the living fuckwittery of the SJW mob. Does this mean though that the idle little shits will risk getting blisters shifting all the raaaaaacist snow? Not holding my breath. Although I wish they would.

8 thoughts on “The Tao of Jigsawry”

  1. You might consider checking out:
    and (related)
    The Benevolent Confraternity of Dissectologists is a group of jigsaw lovers.
    For a real treat you could get a custom-made jigsaw from the Stocken family at My wife and I are looking forward to assembling one we have just taken delivery of.


    1. Have just gone out and spent the princely sum of eight euros on another 1000 piece, scheduled for starting on the 27th December when we’re supposed to be locked within county borders. It should keep me busy until 12th night. Possibly.


  2. My wife has just completed one of the London Underground map.Not only a patience test but also an eyesight check (small print) and a geography lesson, all in 1000 pieces.


  3. I find jigsaws relaxing too Bill. In between Christmases, this site is a good way to spend the odd hour.

    I think the max is 300 pieces but is highly customizable, shape of pieces, rotation etc. Ok for when you fancy a quick one.


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