Save the world!

Went out today. Snuck up to Galway, to see if we could get out of the rain, which has been quite persistent. Bought a Tea Brack, which is a tea cake type of halfway house between fruit cake and bread. Very nice too. But oh, the calories, the calories. This is one of those treats that has to be rationed carefully.

Ireland, we are finding, as we sneak around the tiers and lockdowns, is full of tiny places to grab some of the tastiest baked goods it’s ever been my pleasure to get teeth into. Today we stopped at a tiny filling station on the road between Tulla and Ennis. Not much of a shop to look at, but stocking exquisite individual rhubarb crumbles and mince pies, all home baked. Their flaky pastries being crunchy all the way through and cooked perfectly. I’ve had far worse at the much smarter run of cafe.

Unfortunately, according to some people our little pleasurable perambulation contributed to destroying the planet. Supposedly because of that deadly killer carbon dioxide stuff pouring out of our exhaust. We are continually told we must “Save the world” by cutting back on everything we do. No more air travel, nice meals or personal transport, and turn down that thermostat you heretic! Then when the greater number of humanity have died through cold and famine brought on by so-called anti-global warming policies the world will be ‘saved’. Or will it?

Can I ask a few pertinent questions? First; how will anyone know when the world is truly saved? Second; if most of people are dead, who is the world being ‘saved’ for? Furthermore, who gets to decide if the world is ‘saved’ or not if a bloody great asteroid (That might have been averted if there were enough people to fund an asteroid aversion programme) slams into the Earth? These things do happen from Epoch to Eon, and might it be a better idea instead of messing around with atmospheric trace gas levels, if human activity has any effect upon those at all, to ensure the Earth doesn’t get wasted by a rogue chunk of rock from outer space?

Just my ten cents worth of course, but every time you ask these serious questions, all the fanatics can do is splutter and do an impersonation of Donald Sutherland at the end of “Invasion of the body snatchers.”

Which begs the question; does the world need saving from humanity in general, or just saving from the global warming fanatics? I have formed my own opinion, what say the rest of you?

Update: or should we be more worried about the latest asteroid to explode over New York state last Wednesday? It was part of a larger debris field. So don’t say you weren’t told.

9 thoughts on “Save the world!”

  1. Irish bread, scones, buns, cakes all delicious.
    And easy to make yourself. Most do not use yeast so there is no proving.
    Buy a flat plate griddle and get going.
    Try barmbrack.

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  2. The World quite likely doesn’t want to be saved. Much worse could come along that no one knows about yet.

    And anyway, The World is perfectly capable of saving itself. It’s been doing it for a very long time.

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    1. Indeed. The world is far better at it than any self selected clique of over-evolved monkeys. From this hyper evolved chimps viewpoint, I agree, let the Earth get on with it. We’re just along for the ride.


        1. Earth is a planet. I know that. But if we’re only saving ‘the planet’ that’s a bit vague isn’t it? Which one? There are seven others if you discount Pluto. Do you want to save Mercury? Venus? Mars? Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune? We need specifics if we are to ‘take action’.

          Indeed, we would also need to know what is the optimal state for Earth’s climate that it needs to be ‘saved’ to? Are we going with the Medieval Warm Period, or perchance the Maunder Minimum as an ideal or maybe some other epoch like the Creataceous or Devonian? Maybe even the age before life began when planet Earth was a ball of molten rock spinning around the sun? These warmist types are all so woolly and unspecific.

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