Me too

I’m with this guy. Let’s see all the establishment, the Judiciary, Cabinet, opposition and all the mainstream slebs and media lined up for their SARS/COV-2 jabs before the NHS, before the public. Then wait a week or so to watch for side effects. If nothing else but to restore credibility.

Lead by example or stop pretending to lead. If you dare, Mister Johnson.

It’s easy to send other people down a slope to the unknown when you know you won’t be going with them.

5 thoughts on “Me too”

    1. It will be some lowlife voted into office who considers himself or herself superior to we plebs: we plebs whose only value is the tax they can extract from us.

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      1. They are on a hiding to nothing with me. I haven’t paid any Tax for twenty eight years. The French State thinks that The British State Pension is worse than a joke.
        Meanwhile, France is waiting for a minute to see safe this vaccine is. And I still won’t be having it.

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