Another plan ruined

…does anyone personally know anyone currently affected by SARS/COV-2? I ask because I’m really sick and tired of these pointless lockdowns and masks, neither of which have any real science behind them. That’s the second hotel booking on the trot I’ve had to cancel and my patience is wearing thinner by the day. No-one can plan any more. We’re all just watching stupid politicians led by the nose, in turn leading us all deeper into a pit of economic and social disaster because they can’t admit they got it very badly wrong. Like the 1962 Milgrim experiment documented in the video below. The parallels are glaringly obvious.

These punishments, because that’s what lockdowns are, will continue until the virus is gone or a ‘miracle vaccine’ arrives. Neither of which is likely. Not for a coronavirus. Researchers have been looking for a cure for the common cold since the 1960’s, and that is often a coronavirus.   The thing is that SARS/COV-2 is now endemic, that is, everywhere, as the number of tests shows. Yet how many people are sick enough to be hospitalised or even become more than slightly off colour?  Those are the numbers we need to pay attention to.

Our planned Christmas trip, a two day treat which would have helped us both stay sane has fallen to the blunt axes of ‘level three’. I want to know who I sue for wrongful imprisonment and the imprisonment of my family, not to mention the losses to my business interests? I certainly don’t qualify for any ‘furlough’ money and my pensions are still several years away. Therefore any demand for extra taxes to pay for these lockdowns will be met by a negative value on my tax return, so the tax man will end up owing me. As for funding the health service, we’ve fed our respective health services extra billions and got nothing back for it.

We’re told that all these lockdowns were to ‘save’ the health services. Hoo-effing-ray. Unfortunately, a great many people who should have been ‘saved’ by the hospitals that were closed for nothing but COVID-19 cases haven’t been. Cancer diagnoses have been missed. Heart attacks and strokes that got worse and even fatal because they went untreated. Suicides because psychiatric care was neglected. To name but three. We know the body count of people who have been tested positive for COVID-19 post mortem, but what of those whose deaths were due to the political decisions surrounding this pandemic?

By way of anecdote. My own father died at home in extreme pain because of a missed cancer diagnosis, going from a fit and healthy fifty seven year old man to a bag of bones in less than three weeks. The doctors and technicians of the NHS missed his diagnosis, by which time it was too late. Ma Sticker and I nursed him at home until close to one awful midnight she came into the room where I was waiting to do my turn to announce; “Bill, your father’s dead.” Not only that but the GP had prescribed the wrong painkillers, so a brave man died in agony. My own later experiences of the UK’s national health service also left me less than impressed. I’m sure my occasional readers will have similar stories to tell. I’m not a fan of socialised medicine. You can tell, can’t you?

Now all our lives are on hold and despite repeated promises to the contrary, subject to arbitrary disruptions which are only adding to the body count attributed to SARS/COV-2. We were promised Christmas off, but the politicians and corporates have chosen to screw us all over, trying to bore us with tiers and other such half-arsed idiocy.

Right now I hope all the politicians, media and corporate lobbyists who pushed us into this mess, including all the members of SAGE and NPHET all die like my father did. In extreme agony from a missed diagnosis. See you in hell you bastards. You’ll know me. I’ll be the grinning demon with the really nasty barbed pitchfork at reception. Maybe I’ll even give you a friendly little wave before I ram it right where your sun doesn’t shine.

11 thoughts on “Another plan ruined”

  1. What can I say, Bill? I can’t add anything post except two anecdotes, one of VE Day 1945 and the other of VE Day 2020. (Yes, I really am as old as that!) A child of six, I well recall the street parties, the sense of relief, and the feeling that tomorrow would be so much better. ‘Now the World is free,’ I recall our headmaster informing us. Fast forward to VE Day 2020, celebrated, if that is the word, under house arrest, forbidden to travel, with the police breaking up gatherings of more than two people.
    Words fail me…


    1. Glyn, you have two decades or so on me.

      The UK Police have lost the trust of much of the remainder of the British population, Not so much Ireland where the old Peelian principles are still solidly at work. Our lockdowns are pretty much lightly enforced.


  2. Germany here. I personally know one person who tested positive last week and for a few days was very easily tired (even making himself a bite to eat was felt as a drain, he said), was a bit hoarse and had reduced ability to taste something. 70 year old, male.


  3. “… does anyone personally know anyone currently affected by SARS/COV-2?”
    Funny you should say that – I was wondering the same myself. I know someone who knows someone who had it – but they live in Holland. No-one else, (in the UK at least) .


    1. Yes, I live out in the sticks at the moment. so we don’t have a wide social circle, but none of our globally extended family or their friends have reported anything. Just restrictions.


    2. Claudia. Was just watching an overall analysis of the base data, and one thing struck me. Areas where there are large immigrant communities seem to be worst affected by SARS/COV-2. At least as far as infections and overall mortality are concerned. Do you see any reports that might confirm or contradict this hypothesis?

      I think it may be something to do with vitamin D deficiency in darker skinned people above the 50th parallel.


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