Hunkering down some more

It’s amazing the difference a lick of paint makes. The solid fuel stove in what we’re now calling our library, because that’s where most of our books are, has had a fresh coat of matt black heat proof paint and looks just the business. We’ve also laid in six months plus supply of Yorkshire tea. So no need to pop out to the shops quite so often. Not that there’s anywhere to go because everything’s bloody well shut. So I busy myself as best I can.

Mrs S this morning came across this guy. Theodore Zeldin, philosopher. He’s very interesting. Hint; the title is deceptive.

In a time where people seem to be so angry and intent on imposing their vision on the rest of us, whether we like it all not, Zeldin is pointing in the general direction of a door to the future. Where that door will take us, no one can say. He says that we no longer listen to each other or have proper, in depth conversations without all the mud slinging and tantrums. Which I feel is where the core of all our modern day issues lie.

Anyway. As always; don’t take my word for it; listen, consider and above all, think. I think I’ll be adding his works to our library, where they will rapidly become dog eared from use, as all the best books should.