Numbers don’t lie

Here’s an interesting little snippet. You know those ‘674 excess deaths’ we’re supposed to be hiding our heads under the blankets over? I was watching the analysis to the base data by Mr Cummins below. Of those 674 excess deaths, 638 were in their own homes, 67 in care homes, and only 15, that’s right, fifteen directly attributable COVID-19 deaths throughout the whole of the UK in hospital. The NHS was never over stressed.  (Hang on.  638 + 67 = 705?  Umm…. Thanks Ripper. Good catch.)

80% of COVID deaths occur in hospital. So that would make about 18 in total down to COVID-19. Fifteen of whom died in hospital from SARS/COV-2? (Corrected) Is that all? The rest of the ‘excess deaths’ are down to untreated heart attacks, strokes and cancers etc. But then take a look at the stats overall. Overall deaths are below normal for the year. Suicides, on the other hand, are way up.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to state that lockdowns are not only ineffectual, but actively harmful. The numbers don’t lie. However, SAGE and the Government are lying. The drip-drip of lies via the mainstream media. And they’re killing people. Blood is on the pro-lockdown faction. The Police who suppress peaceful protests. Blood on their hands. Those calling for the Army to be put on the streets. Blood on their hands. Those who ‘double counted’ positive SARS/COV-2 infections, amplifying the ‘casedemic’. Blood on their hands. Those making money on the pandemic. Those who advocate waiting for a vaccine. Blood on their hands.

The pandemic is quite clearly over. It’s been over for months. Why aren’t the lockdowns? Listen to Dr Carl Heneghan, interviewed on Talk Radio 2nd November.

On the personal front, our furniture has arrived and we’re busily unpacking. Mr Bezo’s boys, no matter whether you like him or not, have been doing us proud. We can get stuff from them we can’t source out here in Ireland’s wilder west.

The echoing vastness of our new home no longer echoes quite so much. My bookcases are full. There’s streaming video on the TV via a gigabyte connection, chairs to sit on, and joy or joys, a proper table to dine at. Mrs S has been lighting candles. I have my cookbooks. No-one’s going to starve. The sun even shines occasionally.

4 thoughts on “Numbers don’t lie”

  1. I have had Flu twice in my life. Once in about 1960 and once in about 1986. Neither of them were what you could call funny, but nothing near like Death. Dengue Fever in Singapore was a teensy bit worse.
    Mind you, my immune system is a trifle overactive. I am allergic to just about everything.

    Corona Virus? For the moment I would rather not find out.


  2. The Local Food Bank has finally got back to normal, albeit with some Social Distancing Rules. But brave people these are and some of The Volunteers are nearly as old as I am. At least one of whom is disabled to boot. What a dear old soul she is. She knows and remembers that I prefer Proper Bread and asks after me when my neighbour picks up my allocation.

    Such caring I never did experience while living in The UK.


  3. Am I missing something here Bill?

    There are 674 ‘excess’ deaths.
    638 were at home
    67 were in care homes.

    638 + 67 = 705

    So that means there are 705 ‘excess’ deaths?

    And what’s happened to flu? They must have found a cure all of a sudden.


    1. Yes, I should have checked the arithmetic. But those numbers were from the ‘official’ stats, so I got lazy.

      As for Flu, who knows. When you’re looking at coronaviruses, because common influenza and the common cold, like SARS/COV-2, are all coronaviruses and the PCR test, so I’m told, can’t discriminate very well. I doubt very much if that test can discriminate between the many variants of colds and influenza, so how do we know they’re SARS/COV-2 casualties? There are far too many assumptions out there.


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