The Great Barrington Declaration

I’ve signed. Using my real name and address. Just as a concerned citizen. You could too, all it requires is the courage of your conviction.

Maybe there will be a negative outcome for me. Maybe the thought Police will come kicking my door down at 4am, but I doubt it. Rural County Clare, Ireland is hardly Soviet era Russia. Besides, the local Gardai have better things to do and there aren’t enough of them to do it. There is a microscopically small chance that they might knock on my door and politely ask me why I signed, which is highly unlikely. Same for Police all over the world. Even where they’re acting more like jackboots than elsewhere, such as in the UK.

The UK Police have been used like a political hammer to quell even reasonably mild dissent on this issue and that should be a badge of shame against them. In acting as they have they have saved no-one and may have condemned others to a premature death. Not from a nasty bug that mostly shot it’s bolt in March and April, but from the other negative outcomes. The politically mandated redundancies, closed businesses and resultant negative outcomes. Not to mention beating up peaceful protesters whilst ‘taking a knee’ to Marxist rioters. The Met should be collectively hanging their head in shame for the 26th September debacle in Trafalgar Square. As for Cross-eyed Dickwit, well, I leave my one remaining reader to deliver their own judgement. Why she still has a job is a matter for speculation. Anyone else would have been fired by now.

On the subject of London, ‘North’ told us last night that she was becoming so used to the restrictions that she didn’t notice them any more. Or that they were only being lightly policed in her area, but she didn’t say. Although the number of boarded up shop fronts I’m told has increased. LocalTown over here has plenty. We’re not quite in ghost town territory yet, but the economic harms are plainly visible and going into ‘level five’, there will be even more to come.

Which is why I signed the Great Barrington Declaration. The COVID-19 insanity must end, and if we do not raise our voices, then it never will.

On the home front I’ve managed to sort out the problems thrown my way and obtained a slew of apologies. We’re all good for the time being. Mr Amazon is being useful and we’re getting our supplies in before ‘level five’ goes live and we metaphorically have to sit on the collective naughty step for no good reason. There is food, there is alcohol, shelter and warmth. The birds still sing and the sheep and cows make a racket in the small hours if so much as a squirrel startles them. Could be worse.

Oh yes, and I fixed my network printer issues. Yay! So long as our furniture is actually allowed to be delivered in the next two weeks, we should be golden.

8 thoughts on “The Great Barrington Declaration”

  1. Cressida Duck won’t be sacked – she’s an associate of the treasonous Common Purpose organisation – motto: Leading Beyond Authority – and is facilitatiting their agenda.


    1. These people have weaseled their way into all echelons of the public sector and need to be fired because their first allegiance is not to the people they are supposed to work for, but an exterior organisation with a hostile agenda.


  2. Also signed a few days ago, using my real identity. Not worried in the least of having the door kicked in. Those police officers forget that they are helping to create a world that their own kids will have to grow up in. The rebellion in Manchester also needs to be applauded and supported by the rest of the country.


  3. I too have signed and passed on the petition – just as important as the signature.
    I’m not worried about a knock on the door. I never answer it anyway.


  4. I too have signed as a non expert concerned bod.
    The time has come to stand up and be counted and not be afraid to say NO, if the door gets kicked in and the re-education camp beckons so be it.


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