Conspiracy theories.

I try not to deal in conspiracy theories, only in that which can be independently verified. The numbers contain truth, only people lie. So it is with COVID-19. I’ve been called an ‘arrogant conspiracy theorist’ for saying that the worst was over in May, when the numbers clearly support my view. However, there are those so entrenched in their world view, so poisoned with fear that they have nothing left but insult and denigration in their playbook. They will never be convinced. I say let them hide behind closed windows and curtains for the rest of their days if they so choose. At least let the rest of us get on with our lives. SARS/COV-2 is endemic within the population now.

I wish the idiocacy of the mainstream media would stop trying to sell the same tired old disaster narrative, which is, like the motivation for the second Iraq war, a conspiracy theory based on the notorious ‘dodgy dossier’. But no, the current crop of talking heads drone on with the same old tosh.

On the other hand, ‘awaken with JP’ nails it. The media deals in conspiracy theories better than real conspiracy theorists. Who knew?

Watch and laugh, then cry a little for all the harm that is being done in the name of fear.

Today I have to snarl at a few people. Something that never sits well with me. The dragons scales must flash a little. Not much, just enough to let the subjects of my displeasure know that they have erred. Then I can get on with moving some money around.

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  1. If you enjoy the number crunching I would recommend Ivor Cummings. He’s a total wizard and would run rings around SAGE or Imperial College, as he does, using their own stats.


    1. Having worked in it and seen other health services at work, the NHS has left me distinctly underwhelmed. Not that the other nationalised health services are that much better. The French model works better.

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  2. Conspiracy theorist – I prefer to use the term Truth Seeker = someone who knows from what they see that something isn’t right, and is trying to find out what it is. Its easy to join too many dots but at least he’s proving his intelligence by trying to make sense of it.

    Take a good look around. How many things are coming to pass right now that conspiracy theorists have been saying for years. Your video clip utterly nails it.

    Conspiracy Theory – a term coined in the 1950’s by the CIA to help cover up what was going on with their MKUltra program. Know that and you know everything about it.


    1. I only go by the numbers. The overall numbers plainly tell us the risk is not that great compared to the risks and negative outcomes of the restrictions. No conspiracy required. The people who can’t get treated are real. No conspiracy. The suicides from government mandated poverty are real. The economic misery is real. No conspiracy. It’s all out there. The empty store fronts, the glut of properties on the market. All one needs is the evidence on one’s own eyes and ears.

      The media and the ‘experts’ on the other hand have only their brand to sell. Fear, like sex, sells. So while they are forbidden to use sex, as that would be ‘sexist’, fear is all they have to sell.


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