That was easy

Since we are no longer going to Galway, we’re now in our slightly echoing new domicile having run the gauntlet of Gardai checkpoints, which was a bit of an anticlimax. “Is your journey necessary?” Asked a young lady brightly, shivering in hi-viz.
“Er, yes.” I replied, fumbling with my mask while Mrs S glowered at me for letting the side down.
“Thank you. Off you go.”

And that was it. No “Where are you really going sunshine?” or “A likely story, chummy. Pull the other one” I must have an honest face or something.

I suppose they were a bit bored because there wasn’t much traffic about. Seriously, on our way north from Limerick the only traffic was the occasional truck and very few private cars. Nothing like the normal volume. There were times when we felt quite alone. Reminded me of certain parts of Devon and Cornwall in the off season. Like on a sunny December day. Even saw a rainbow.

Dropping in at local shop for provisions, checkout girl vouchsafed that the whole situation was ‘scary’. I was inclined to agree. If the only sources of information you have are feeding off the fear, of course it is reasonable to be afraid. Personally I switch them all off and just keep going. Life’s less stressful that way.