Uncut footage…

…Of a Coronavirus briefing.

Because that’s what we’re in. A ‘war’ without end. Because the political class think they need something to keep the support of a continually frightened and enraged populace. They’re so, so very wrong.

I’d love to be optimistic, but unless the restrictions are fully lifted, we’re all screwed. The economy simply cannot support all those forced into unemployment.

Mrs S has been buying church candles. The big buggers. 100 to 200 hundred hour things. Four Euro’s apiece, which isn’t that expensive. Mainly because she likes candle light. We’re stocked up on oil. Note to self we’ll need a lock for the filler cap. As for the rest. The windows are triple glazed. We are based far from the madding crowd. We’re going to be cosy. I hope my last remaining reader will be comfortable too.

2 thoughts on “Uncut footage…”

  1. “…I hope my last remaining reader will be comfortable too…”

    As I make a point of checking daily to see if you’ve posted anything new, I hope I’ll be comfortable, too.


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