Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

…we’re plodding away, trying to find out how to get car and health insurance over here in Ireland. What I find strange is that the Insurance brokers don’t list Canada as a country they will accept driver’s licences from. We’ve got our old UK license numbers, but as for the rest, I have the feeling it’s going to get difficult and more expensive than necessary. Hi ho. This is what we’ve saved some of our money to do, and as I’ve said before, it’s not our first transcontinental rodeo.

This SARS/COV-2 thing is still a nuisance rather than a showstopper. Electrical stores are having stocking problems, printers especially. We bought the last one in a major retail outlet, or as the sales assistant said, probably the whole County. Web sites, even Amazon, are running out of stock. However, the food stores are okay. Fortunately this Government created crisis has allowed that part of the supply chain to keep functioning. No-one will starve. Well, at least no-one who has been lucky enough to keep their livelihood.

Besides, the whole COVID-19 is a molehill now. Word from the front lines say that specialist units have only a trickle, or often no patients. The politicians and their ‘experts’ have it wrong. About as wrong as it’s impossible to be. Indeed the fear of COVID-19 has been magnitudes greater than the actual viral infection itself. Deaths have been in the single digits, often zero, for months now. True, a few thousand, mostly the very sick already, died at the peak of the pandemic in March and April. It was a nasty bug. Was, past tense.

This mass experimental lockdown has done infinitely more harm than good. Anyway, I repeat myself.

Our issues are created by things which previously took hours to organise now taking a week or more. Which leads to Mrs S is getting on my case about stuff which I have no control over, like people not calling back when they said they would. Which further leads to me raising my voice to her, something I do not like doing and feels like I have failed to communicate clearly in some way, but the frustration felt over the byblow of these pointless bloody restrictions has no other venting point.

I wonder how many divorces are in the offing over this?

Can they cite these pro-lockdown people as co respondents?

Unfortunately we’re probably stuck with these silly bloody restrictions for years to come. As Simon Webb points succinctly points out in the video below.