So far so, oh.

Right. We’ve got our permanent address here in Ireland. A little further west than anticipated, but not out of reach of Dublin, when of course it comes out of the latest lockdown. We’ve finished our mandatory self-isolation now and are free to mix with the natives as we are considered as low risk as everyone else. We caught nothing on the plane over and after two weeks are no longer considered ‘unclean’. I’ve even organised a local bank account and as soon as we get the official card I’ll start moving money.

Trying to get people to answer email over here is a hassle. I’ve lost count of the emailed enquiries I’ve made to insurance companies and the like. All we get is radio silence. You’d think in these straitened times that people would be taking the arm off us to get at least some turnover, but no, they don’t seem that eager. So I’ll keep on plugging away until I find someone who is at the very least awake and breathing.

Over the water, Bojo, the frightened UK Prime Minister continues to disappoint with his lack of balls over this SARS/COV-2 virus. He’s listening to ‘experts’ who quite frankly like their sinecures and are pumping out the fear porn via a complicit media to a gullible public, just to make it look like they know more than anyone else. Which of course is complete bullshit. I try not to listen to them, but if asked to wear a mask for a few minutes will do so for the sake of a quiet life. However, when no-one is looking…

Anyway, we’re out today around Limerick and stocking up for our new place with necessary stuff like cleaning materials and small appliances like a Microwave, kettle and similar. Ikea are due an order from us as our new home is at least as big as our old place in BC, which means room for visitors to stay. We binned a lot of accumulated crap when we moved, and will be buying only basic white crockery and a few chairs for our dining table. For when these bullshit lockdowns end and we can finally have guests in. Not that Mrs S and I have ever been manic socialisers, we’re too picky for that, but we do have good friends I’ll more than happily put my cooks apron on for.

When these lockdowns end. Whenever that is going to be.