Boris the spider

Remember this old number written by Who bassist John Entwistle? Boris the Spider?

I had such high hopes of Boris Johnson…

Glad the UK Army and Police told him to get lost when he talked of putting the Army onto British Streets to contain the pathetic shreds of this pandemic. Boris has definitely lost the plot when it comes to SARS/COV-2. The mortality rate is less than a quarter of a percent per infection and the numbers simply don’t justify the draconian measures.

This has already cost the Tories the next election, BREXIT or not. They will either end up in a minority Government or kicked into touch completely. Not that I think any of the other mainstream parties would have done any better. They’re all cheeks of the same arse. All studied politics at the same universities with the same professors.

Johnson’s no Churchill, that’s for sure. His handling of this crisis exposes him as just another creepy crawly career politician tangled in his own web of lies. No real vision and anything to hang onto power. I am bitterly disappointed. He’s also being roundly mocked in, of all places, the dear old Torygraph. Which he richly deserves over his handling of the pandemic. There is no ‘second spike’ and the restrictions harm more than they help.

The full cost of these restrictions has yet to be counted but I calculate that the ‘cure’ has been definitely worse than the disease. The economy trashed, massive increases in mental illness, unnecessary deaths from untreated conditions, bankruptcies and a massive drain on capital that will take decades to recover from. And it’s all the fault of Government. And those slapheads they’re taking advice from.

News from ‘North’ in London is loaded with resignation at having to cope with the insanity of restrictions that are doing nothing to halt the spread of a disease that has already passed through the majority of the population. She’s fine, but annoyed at having her social life curtailed for no good reason.

We’re okay over here in Ireland, apart from Dublin being locked down and for the most part inaccessible. We have our permanent address now and all else will follow. Sisters in Law up in Cairns, Australia and on Vancouver island BC Canada are doing okay. ‘South’ in Australia is feeling the pinch and I have no idea what elder sibling and cousins are up to. Radio silence on their part. Just hunkering down like the rest of us. We’ll survive, but that’s what we’re good at.

What the hell, some of the pubs have survived.

7 thoughts on “Boris the spider”

  1. “And it’s all the fault of Government. And those slapheads they’re taking advice from.”

    More, I think, the slapheads than the government. God knows why professor lockdown Ferguson has been allowed to pop back up again with his 2 cents worth. Then there’s Witty, who just happens to be big friends with Gates, as is Hancock (now there’s an appropriate name) who is currently enjoying playing Hitler 2.0. And Vallance is in on it too. The thing in common with them is that they all have heavy personal investments in the company producing Gates vaccine.

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    1. In all the history of medicine, a really effective vaccine against coronaviruses has been hardest to find. Personally I think it’s a pipe dream. Certainly not a good enough reason for the restrictions.

      Church mouse thinks Boris’ girlfriend is having a heavy influence on him. I’m inclined to agree. Weak man in position of power wants to please woman with a case of baby brain. Not going to end well. Not for the UK public at any rate.

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      1. Boris is no doubt -struck, -whipped or both.

        Everyone knows the preceding nouns. 😉

        On another level, his advisers have probably been showing him poll results.

        Incredibly, most Britons support another lockdown.

        Anushka Asthana presented them on Peston on Wednesday night.


        Unfortunately, Peston didn’t tweet the poll results, but the full show is in the tweet below. I enjoy watching the show from the tweet to see what goes on when telly viewers see adverts. In this episode, Peston sits at his desk while Michael Gove and Nadia Whittome shoot hoops in the studio as Anushka referees:

        But I digress.

        Conclusion: the general public watch too much network news, which is rotting their brains.


        1. Yes. Brain rot is what is being purveyed on networks like RTE, whose adverts proclaim that they are the only vendors of ‘truth’. That’s rich coming from a profession that would best be described as “We’ll tell you what we’re told to tell you.”

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        2. Exactly.

          The BBC does the same. Their web pages have a link at the bottom, something like ‘Why you can trust the BBC’.

          At the height of the pandemic, BBC News ran segments a couple of times a week on ‘fake’ COVID news. The presenter would say that the BBC is a trusted news source that millions rely on for the truth.

          We’re tuning in ONLY because there is no other 24-hour news channel in the UK. The spin they used to put on the Daily Coronavirus Briefings earlier this year was far from the truth. I thought I was living in a parallel universe.


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