Is this the beginning of the end?

Please watch Viva Frei’s analysis of a court case in the USA that strikes at the very foundation of the never ending lockdown measures.

Having listened to the Judges comments in his judgement, yes, the lockdowns not only trampled over the civil liberties of all citizens while favouring some larger businesses, so they have to be deemed unconstitutional. The lockdown exemptions favoured some causes over others, therefore the lockdown orders must be deemed unconstitutional and a flagrant violation of citizen’s rights.

The numbers say that the pandemic is over and has been over since May 2020. The curve has been flattened. The death rate, even with non-SARS/COV-2 deaths being attributed through a very dodgy methodology, is as close to zero as makes no odds. So why the fuck are we still being restricted and forced to wear unsanitary masks?

The Judge in this case makes perfect sense. Not just from a US perspective, but across the entire ‘free’ world. No country can call itself ‘free’ while these restrictions exist without good cause. No country can call itself ‘free’ when some causes are favoured over others. No country can call itself ‘free’ when some big businesses are favoured over others.

Just because a few politicians are frightened of dying. Well newsflash kiddies; we’re all going to die sometime, but there’s a thing between birth and death called living, which is what too damn many of us are being deprived of by these lockdowns and mask restrictions.

I hope this judgement stands and serves as a beacon of hope for individual liberty across the world. I hope. Because that’s all we’ll ever have. A little hope.

Excuse me getting emotional here, but this is something I really care about and a hill worth dying on. Without the liberty to go about one’s lawful business there is no life, just the hollowness of mere existence. Anyone who tells you otherwise might as well be wearing a swastika armband.