Covid-19 what do we really know? Part five

This is the fifth and final post on this topic, as I’m sure we’re all pig sick of the issue. I certainly am. This whole business has been an exercise in political exploitation of a more-deadly-than common influenza but-not-by-much situation.

The numbers say the pandemic was over in mid-May and anyone saying otherwise is just not paying attention or looking at the numbers properly. For Mrs S and I, this means ‘self-isolating’ in a series of decent hotels and bemoaning the fact that most of the bars are closed. We are still effectively homeless, but this situation will change soon enough and the tenor of life will shift back towards sanity. More about that in the next post. I promise all will, as the Circassian slave girl wearing seven diaphanous pieces of cloth said to her Harem master, be revealed. Kind of.

The SARS/COV-2 crisis is over. It’s been over since May in northern Europe. If you’d taken the time to watch Ivor Cummins detailed statistical analysis of this pandemic’s curve, you would see that the death count has been bumping along the bottom for some time now. The increasing of the restrictions at this point in time makes less sense than the gibberings of a village idiot who’s clearly off his meds. I suspect that these decisions are being made by committees with weak chairmen / chairpeople / oh I give up, who never produce anything worthwhile.

The lunatics, it is clear, are not only running the asylum, but are going round to all the other asylums and unlocking the doors, then telling the public that this new insane ‘normal’ is something they’re just jolly well going to have to put up with. I say “Get knotted.” The rest of us have lives to get back to, and these proposed new rules will end up causing more civil strife than any before them.

Personally I’m inclined to suggest targeting the informers and enforcers. Isolating the bastards and making their lives a misery at every turn. Make these new lockdown rules unenforceable. The snitches may think twice before informing if they find themselves buried under a sea of complaints about every minor infraction of every single petty rule going.

I’ve met these people in my one time role as an enforcement officer, and they are without exception, the worst kind of human being. The latter day playground sneaks, the self-deceiving cowardly passive-aggressive narcissists with all the social graces and honour of amoebic dysentery. Those guilty of the sin of envy, worshipers at the altar of their great green eyed god because they are so devoid of common humanity that it is the only way they know to find any means of self worth. Their beloved victimhood cannot be impugned, but they feel so worthless and downtrodden all the time, this is their only way of interacting with the outside world. Far too many of these people work in local government. Trust me, I have, as briefly as possible, walked alongside many of them, skin crawling on the inside. Many of them have been socialists in affiliation or affectation.

Unfortunately, the system rewards their worst behaviour. It should not do so. The system should be about fair and even handed treatment. Not collective punishment and house arrest for every petty infraction of unnecessary rules which do nothing to mitigate a disease that has already done it’s worst. Which is what these restrictions amount to. For what? For a pandemic that has been over for months? Give it a rest for goodness sake.

One of the more sinister aspects of mandatory mask wearing is that the practice can make people sick. Think about it. By wearing a close-fitting mask you are effectively re-breathing your own contagion, upping your viral load and potentially overloading your own immune system. Yes, I know I keep banging on about it, but surgical masks are only good for one thing, stopping the infected spreading their contagion by reducing the radius of infection. For the healthy person who does not need to wear one, they can be downright hazardous. Surgical masks, like any other kind, are designed to be worn in dry, air-conditioned spaces only, and then for relatively short periods of time.

The only people that need to wear full PPE or even a surgical mask are those that work in a mostly sterile atmosphere controlled environment such as an operating theatre or ‘white room’ environment. For the general public, for reasons outlined above, masks are, at this stage of the game, positively dangerous. As for those cloth things sported by so many, if not washed properly between uses, those should be outlawed.

My most recent experience of wearing a surgical mask for more than three hours at a time has been less than amusing. Canadian air transport regulations forced us to wear these things for both of our long-haul flights yesterday and the experience was highly unpleasant. Forced to rebreathe heavily moisture laden air led to catarrh build up and uncomfortable nasal and bronchial congestion. Both Mrs S and I, while the cabin staff were not looking, were forced to slip the masks off for a few minutes just so that we could actually breathe properly. As for the fifteen minute dash to get our connecting flight, wearing a close-fitting mask while hoiking laptops and our carry-ons between gates was an experience I don’t want to repeat, as were one of Air Canada’s inedible pre packed meals that claimed to have been concocted by some ‘gourmet’ chef (Hah!) Under the current restrictions, airline travel is only for the masochist. No wonder shares are bumping along the bottom.

Now I’m pretty sure that most people have gotten bored and wandered off by this point, so I’ll clam up on this topic. Although I’m sure I’ll have more than enough opportunity to say “I told you so.” and in a more Marvinesque manner; “But no one ever listens to me, I’m just a menial robot.” in future posts.

Or as I remarked to Mrs S while waiting for room service, “Now I know why Darth Vader breathes like he does, he wears a mask all the time too.”

There is one dark little postscript to add; do the powers that be realise the power they will hand to organised crime by increasing the length and severity of their restrictions? People need life and entertainment because without them there is no point to the daily drudgery of their lives. Someone will provide the speakeasies, the hidden drinking spots, neighbourhood meetup places away from the spiteful glare of prodnoses. Who will the needy turn to? The authorities mandating these restrictions? Or the guy who knows a guy who can provide a protected place to have a good time without official interference? For a small fee of course. Think about it.

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