COVID-19 What do we really know? Part one

A better nights sleep last night, so I’m feeling more alert and focused. I’ve had my morning coffee so, what’s the post today Bill?

Okay, here we go. While I’ve got a few days free I’m going to write a series of posts on what we (I) really know about SARS/COV-2 (COVID-19). Now I think I’ve done my due diligence on my sources and will cite them where available online. Or where they were because of the attempts to divert people towards a narrative that supports the politics of the situation, because this whole pandemic has diffused into one stinking shitpile of confused political cackhandedness. I will also refer to my training in these matters and any personal knowledge derived from employment and study. With a soupcon of my usual sarcasm, of course.

First stop on this train of thought is; where did this bug come from?

All the available evidence points to the original coronavirus being a zoonotic, a transfer from a species of Chinese bat via their urine and / or faeces to humans. Not from ‘bat soup’ or all the other confused fairy tales spun in the more hysterical end of the mass media, but from a research project at the Wuhan Institute of Virology into a respiratory disease that killed three Chinese copper miners as far back as 2012.

See this article in the UK Times. There was also an excellent perspective in the UK Financial Times back in May / June 2020, but that’s deep behind a paywall. If anyone finds the link in their feeds, I will attach it to this post.

We know about the originating infection (RaTG13) because back in 2013, one particular researcher from the Wuhan lab was being lauded on Chinese state media as ‘heroic’ for collecting faecal samples from the cave system where the now deceased copper miners had contracted the original virus. This was Chinese science at it’s finest, we were told. To give the Chinese authorities credit for their good intentions, they were probably seeking a cure, not a biological weapon to use against the West. The Chinese wanted the copper, the virus killed copper miners, making a valuable resource inaccessible. So a treatment had to be found.

We can also be fairly certain that the particular coronavirus we have all learned to love and hate, official designation SARS/COV-2, was in all probability an accidental release. The Wuhan lab at the centre of the outbreak had come under criticism for lax containment protocols as far back as 2017, with lab researchers wearing street clothes pictured injecting bats.

So it is not a massive leap of the imagination to think about one of the researchers, contaminated with or by the coronavirus mutated from bat faeces, popping out to the local market and spreading the infection onto live seafood and thence all the other people who visited the market. Probable release of this variant into the wild, so to speak, is probably sometime in November 2019. From where it spread rapidly across the world and caused most of the mainstream media and progressive politicians to activate their panic chips and completely lose their minds.

So. That’s my understanding of the SARS/COV-2 (COVID-19) origin story and is as honest as I can make it with the resources available. If anyone has some credible information to add to the above, I’ll be happy to update and amend.

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