As long as they don’t kill the Dukes

Had an entertaining weekend. Brother in law was spouting off CNN talking points and I was having fun shooting them down, which seemed to annoy him somewhat when I pointed out the glaring idiocy in them. Either he enjoys being beaten over the head with verifiable facts or he was doing it just to have something to say. Come Saturday evening he was tacitly accusing me of being a ‘know it all’ which I am not. I freely acknowledge that there are vast gaps in my knowledge, but I also know when some bugger is taking the piss.

When I was a boy, elder sibling handed me a book about Victorians and the expansion of railways. Specifically “Taken for a ride” by Ivor Smullen, a well-researched volume including Punch cartoons from that era. From references within I remember it was said to be a common music hall saying that “as long as they don’t kill the Dukes” (Pages 109, 111, 129) nothing would change or improve.

Now, in the depths of a Government created crisis, egged on by a plethora of NGO’s with their own sinister agendas, Western civil society has suffered massive social damage. Some of these NGO’s with the ear of big Government, are driven by agendas completely horrific in their magnitude, we’re looking at you Bill and Melinda Gates, you and all your elitist fellow travelers.

It often astonishes me that a good number of NGO’s funded by such people openly campaign for a depopulation of the world from 7.7 Billion to a ‘sustainable’ 500 million. That means Gates et al want to murder 7.2 Billion people. And these people’s NGO’s are advising governments? He asked in astonished tones. This is the object of this farcical ‘Green new deal’? Because the ‘Green new deal’ is a black comedy of such inimical intent that any proponent should stand trial in the court of human rights for crimes against humanity.

As Leg-Iron so eloquently points out in this blog post, it won’t be the people who are at the top of this tree of terrorism, because that is what it is, who will suffer. The proposed ‘Green new deal’ is a gross act of terror against the general population and should be treated as such. To be honest the aims of this horrific public policy makes those two twentieth century monsters, Stalin and Hitler, look like mere pikers by comparison. They only managed to deplete their respective populations by a mere hundred million (A shade under 4% of world population at the time). Which is barely a scratch compared to the proposed slaughter total of 7,200,000,000 (93.5%).

So; who gets to live, and who chooses those who will die? Well I’m pretty sure me and those like me are going to end up in a mass grave if these Green new dealers have their way. Our entire families wiped out of course, root and branch to the third generation. All on the back of some seriously shonky ‘science’. Because of the unhinged delusion that man is a cancer on the earth and crazed billionaires think the world will look better without the greater bulk of humanity.

Oh we’ll all be offed ‘humanely’ no doubt, by injections posing as vaccines or some other excuse. Even so, many of us won’t die conveniently and will have to be disposed of by a bullet to the back of the head or starvation in some gulag. Then all the executioners will have to be disposed of. And their families. And what few friends, if any, they managed to accrue.

This proposed mass slaughter is to ‘save the planet’, so we are told. To which I would ask; for whom are we ‘saving the planet’? Not me, nor probably you dear reader. According to the supporters of this philosophy, our fate and over ninety three percent of all human life on the planet, over ninety three people out of every hundred of every race or creed are for the chop. Think about that for a second or two. Say if you have a hundred friends and relatives, ninety three or four of them will end up pushing up the daisies to ‘save the planet’. Not for their own kin but for people like Bill Gates’ family and all the other über-rich psychopaths out there. Most of the surviving 6.5% will end up as serfs, their whole lives regulated without remission. That’s what the ‘green new deal’ has in store for them.

And that’s not just the ‘old folk’ who children are being propagandised into considering worthless, but a good deal of those children too. Again, I ask you to contemplate the horror of empty street after empty street, the echoes of life causing spectral ripples on the air. UK towns like Manchester or Birmingham with only half a dozen or so inhabitants living in each street. Cities like New York reduced to hollow parodies of themselves. A terrifying silence, airbrushed by an eternal wind would echo across an empty land. Modest UK market towns with populations of around 30,000 would shrink to the size of large villages and most villages all over the UK would simply cease to exist. London would revert to early 1800’s population levels of just under a million. The UK (Including Scotland) would be reduced to a population of less than 4,5000,000 (Half the current population of London), Canada from 40,000,000 to 2,600,000 and the USA from 306,000,000 to under 20,000,000.

Once useful farmland would rapidly be covered in weed and scrub, forest fires run unchecked because there aren’t enough people left in any given area to put them out. Crumbling infrastructure, a world of desolation, deserta est. And not enough people to support the technology to keep it going.

Not enough people Bill? Pish and fiddle-faddle. As my brother in law might infer. Sorry chaps, but there’s an old adage which goes like this; “It takes fifty with their feet on the ground to keep one with his head in the air”. If you think how many Engineers capable of putting a satellite into orbit it takes to provide GPS etc for our elite few to lord it over the remaining serfs, who also have to provide cleaning and gardening staff for their palatial homes, then a global population of under 500,000,000 is way too low a figure. At those population levels, the knowledge to keep the elites of a civilisation in the style to which they wish to become accustomed will dwindle over as little as fifty years and begin to die.

As Leggy so rightly points out, I don’t think this grand plan from the NGO’s is going to work either. But that won’t stop the nutters trying.

Afterthought: Just occurred to me that these billionaire-funded NGO’s all claim in some way they are only trying to ‘save the world’. But what if the world just needs saving from them?

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  1. One of Lloyd George’s best lines from the 1910 “ Peers v the People” election was “ A Duke is as expensive as a Dreadnought and twice as dangerous.


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