Withdrawal symptoms

Bloody hell. I only sold the car the other day and I’m already in withdrawal. Mostly because I tried to use the public transport today.

This was a major error in judgement on my part. I should have taken a taxi. I can afford it, it would have gotten me from A to B and back again in good time, but instead I spent over four hours sitting and standing at sodding bus stops. What would normally have been a one hour minor chore turned into a five and a half hour slice of moderate purgatory. It was also a reminder that I suffer from a dose of misanthropy, kind of. One one leg of my four part journey I fell in with reasonable company who conversed with me about travel, on another, two shit-talking wasters were trying to bullshit each other to death. Tediously. Interminably. Blaming everyone for their problems apart from themselves.

I have another such errand to run on Friday. But I will definitely be calling a cab and paying for the privilege. Time is money. You forget that until you have to rely on public transport. Especially out here in the ‘burbs.