Hitchens has it

Hitchens is right. Masks are useless in this stage of the pandemic. There, I’ve said it (Repeatedly). SARS/COV-2 (Covid-19) has already passed through the available population. With a few isolated exemptions, the death count is minuscule even though case numbers are up, due to increased, and some would say, less than accurate testing. Herd immunity has more or less been achieved, apart from a few places where nature has not been allowed to run it’s course. The numbers do not lie.

Wall street is back on the up, we had an investment meeting today with our broker, and the ‘losses’ we sustained in March to July have dropped from fifty thousand dollars to less than twenty, the pound is up (at the time of writing) three to four cents against the Canadian Dollar, more against the Euro. So, things are improving. If only various governments could lift these pointless lockdowns they’d get better way faster. The money could then flow properly again, creating more and better jobs.

The Euro, without Sterling to use as a cash cow, is going to take a massive hit, possibly even collapse by the end of the year, maybe February 2021. But unless the lockdown is ended soon, most of the other western economies will take yet another, and possibly way bigger hit when the bill for these unnecessary restrictions kicks in some time in 2021.

So we’re shifting our investment portfolio around to ensure we don’t lose everything when the bill for this pandemic comes due. We’ll make all our Government lockdown mandated losses back by mid next year at this rate, but we’ll also have a better idea where the next major financial shock is coming from. Probably because of well meaning but completely economically clueless politicians, but hey, but what’s new?

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