The new abnormal

What is this bullshit about a “new normal”? I hear this repeated a lot via people whose only input is parroting something they’ve read in the lamestream media. It’s propaganda. Nothing more.

This never ending lockdown where some truly bizarre restrictions have been foisted on us all is like a choke chain on a dog. Indeed it has created a whole tranche of society who are permanently frightened of their own shadow, wear face masks all the time and screech hysterically at anyone who doesn’t, presumably because that is what they think will keep them ‘safe’, for a given value of ‘safe’.

For my part I have begun shaking hands with anyone who will accept a handshake, showing I’m not afraid of a negligible risk like COVID-19. There are a number of anti-hysteria memes going around too, which make me chuckle.

There’s also a slang term I found in an obscure science fiction novel, that term is ‘Zeep’, which is short for ‘Zombie peep’. In the book, a ‘zeep’ was a criminal who would previously have been given a whole of life, never see the light of day again sentence or the death penalty. But instead of being locked away or executed, they were effectively brain wiped, potty trained and just to be safe given a cortical implant to suppress their homicidal urges. Then these hollowed out people were sent out to work at menial jobs for the rest of their days. In the book, someone managed to hack the technology and was using it to gruesomely assassinate politicians by turning their closest friends into homicidal maniacs.

‘Zeep’ is what I have taken to calling the over-propagandised and hysterical following the irrationally implemented government dictums regarding personal protection against a virus that has already (Mostly) come and gone. The thing is, by now all but those living in an air tight bubble have been exposed to some level of SARS/COVID-19 contamination. If this disease was as bad as the mass media pantywaisters have been telling us, the global death count would be up in the tens of millions by now.

Even the UK Government has admitted that the stats have been inflated by logging the death of anyone who has previously tested positive for SARS/COVD-19, no matter what really killed them. And at the time of writing, health services have not been overloaded, there are workable treatments, yet the zeeps are still scared out of their remaining wits. Which can make them dangerous, for a given value of ‘dangerous’. Or should I say annoying and tedious, which would be a better description.

Maybe we should ignore them and just get on with the business of living, rolling our eyes at the unnecessary restrictions and not even bothering to give the finger to the Zeeps. Not that they’ll listen, their fear has given them imagined power over others.
And still it’s hard to get a really sick person into hospital for treatment. How many have died simply because they couldn’t get treated for an otherwise curable condition on time, eh?