I’ve been following Anna Brees’ little project over the last couple of weeks, and among all the weird and wonderful I found this vox pop from a Mr David Dalling, a Scottish Farmer.

What he says hits all the nails right on the head. This whole lockdown over a virus that is little more than a bad case of seasonal influenza is mad. Much of the Western world, especially our political class, is clinically insane. The mindless mob rushes hither and thither, worked up into a frenzy over bad statistics and an overweening sense of its own worth. But here is a man who has his feet placed firmly on the ground, saying; “Hang on a minute. This is mad. What the hell are we doing?”

Maybe if the mass media and politicians stopped and really looked at the real figures for once we might get out of the hole that they’ve dug for us all.

When it comes to analysis; the Peerless Reads channel on YouTube offers a more studied perspective.

Also; I was out getting Sushi last night, and although not a hugger myself, was delighted to see a few people hugging in the streets. Which made me think that maybe we all need to reinstate the handshake and other forms of friendly physical contact to reconnect with others and so free ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Seconded”

  1. I couldn’t agree more – but what can you do? Short of a revolution or rioting (which is not the done thing for us English), I don’t know how to make politicians see sense. Even the threat of not voting for them wouldn’t faze them. All of the political parties seem as stupid as each other.


    1. They won’t listen because they love he power and control, they now have over the sheeples. How we got through two wars I will never know.


      1. I think we all have to reconnect. Our social structures have been scattered and shattered to the four winds. Only we can bring them back. Not politicians or big business, just the feet on the street.

        I think the cure is in our own hands, literally. Let’s bring back the handshake as a form of greeting. It’s got to start somewhere.


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