Godzilla strikes again

Going to our new destination is proving a little more of a bureaucratic process than our last move of continents. Which is only to be expected in these times.

Clueless politicians (We’re looking at you Johnson, see me after class for detention and double biology) relying on ‘experts’ who are about as much use as drips under pressure, have summoned the Godzilla of big government, trampling the UK and European economies into the ground. Crushing people’s lives and livelihoods, scaring half the population into wearing unhealthy masks when the pandemic is already over. See Tony Heller’s video below.

Oh yes, the pandemic, at least in the Western world, is over. We effectively have ‘herd immunity’. This isn’t just me spitballing. The daily figures tell us that apart from a few residual cases there has been no ‘second spike’, no ‘surge’ no huge increase of cases of Covid-19. All the propaganda from Government and the media has been not only misleading but completely wrong. Yet so many places are still in effective lockdown and mandatory masks will be in force from today in the UK.

There’s an old term I learned in my mis-spent youth from hanging out with the wrong sort. Old lags of my acquaintance used to call it (and some may still do) ‘Nick-struck’. Nowadays I believe the term is ‘institutionalised‘. Specifically where a felon has been in prison so long that they actively fear being outside in the wide world and commit crimes to be caught and returned to what they see as a safe haven in prison.

This is where far too many frightened people are at present. They need to be gently awoken from their terror and to wave the monster of big government off and shuffling back into the primordial ooze where it belongs. A process of de-institutionalisation needs to happen, where people can find social safety in smaller and more local community groups. Like having neighbours over for drinks, a barbecue or dinner. Or what are called ‘potluck’ gatherings over here in someone’s back garden, away from the prying eyes of unwelcome enforcement. In effect re-socialising. Reforming the lost or damaged social groups necessary to proper human function. A process which has to happen without government intervention.

Big government and media caused these problems with their clueless scrambling. Now they have to get out of the way to let populations heal themselves, to find their own ‘new normal’ instead of the unpleasantness that Government has forced upon them.

2 thoughts on “Godzilla strikes again”

  1. Meanwhile in my part of Spain people are being fined 100€ for walking around without a mask. Even fined for not wearing one while sitting at an outside cafe waiting for the drinks. Apparently you are expected to remove the mask only to take a bite or sip and replace it!
    Straight out of Monty Python.


    1. Where it is deemed compulsory, I have taken to wearing a light bandanna around the face and wraparound sunglasses with a hat, so my face is fully hidden.

      This could prove interesting for those who wanted facial recognition software installed in public thoroughfares. You want to know who I am but tell me to wear a mask? Can’t have both. Where everything is illegal the law collides with itself. Hey officer, you want me to obey the law? Just tell me which one trumps the other please.

      Yes it’s crazy, so I’m doing my best in a small way to add to the crazy to speed it’s demise.


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