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While so many idiots are trying to replicate Medieval society by ‘taking a knee’ cancelling BLM heretics, ‘climate change deniers’ and all those other bagatelles, I’m busy watching the truly interesting stuff going on down in Texas. Musk’s project at Boca Chica for example has a certain Heath Robinson (or Rube Goldberg) air about it.

There’s a sort of wonderful chaos going on with spacecraft prototypes being built in plain sight while construction goes on all around. And the state has little to do with it. It is truly inspiring to watch.

And I’ve had a gutful with all the middle class white kids with nothing better to do making all the fuss in Seattle and suchlike. So I prefer to watch the minor miracles being performed rather than sink into the seething sick morass of self loathing being pushed by radical leftist morons, who no one wants to send home after a well deserved spanking. That and have their money supply cut off. Which they so richly deserve.

The one upside of this whole coronavirus pandemicky thingy thing is that many ‘liberal arts’ colleges are in financial difficulties, and a number have shut up shop for good with more to follow. So all the snowflakes will have to find something else to do. In the meantime, the riots will continue. Until the politicians let the Police off the leash and the courts hand out some serious jail time for these cultural vandals.

Anyway, I’m focusing my attention on the antics of Mr Bezos and Mr Musk who are currently doing wonderful things to advance the course of humanity, rather than try to drag us all down into a slough of pseudo-medieval conformity and corporate serfdom like the ‘protesters’.

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  1. “So all the snowflakes will have to find something else to do. “

    I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing. Why am I reminded of those animal rights loons setting mink free from their cages in fur farms in Europe?


    1. With the Chinese attempting to seize Vladivostok, we might have our hands full with a war in very short order and the fallout will melt all the snowflakes.

      I just hope I have time to catch a flight away from the Pacific rim. I’s going to get a bit ticklish this side of the globe in the next few days.


    1. Ah, the Bezos connection. I wondered where you got the Prime angle from. I’ve been an Amazon Prime customer for several years. The savings on shipping for multiple purchases, plus the video streaming, make it pay for itself.

      My post was actually about Musks’s ‘Starship’ and Bezos’ ‘Blue Origin’ space vehicles. If my Prime and eBay accounts help pay for those I’m not an unhappy man.


  2. Yes, we all diss Amazon, but on Thursday I ordered some computer gadget on Amazon, it said “will be delivered Saturday” and it was. Can’t fault the price or service.


    1. I use Amazon extensively, so the economies of scale work very nicely for me. It isn’t Tesco, but hey, I get a video streaming service in with my hundred odd bucks a year membership fee.


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