Never mind the NHS

Looking across the pond, I’m disturbed to see a media and government driven fetishisation of our respective health services. By that I mean;

fetishise (UK)

or American fetishize (ˈfɛtɪʃˌaɪz )
to be excessively or irrationally devoted to (an object, activity, etc)

Derived forms;
fetishization (ˌfetishiˈzation) or fetishisation (ˌfetishiˈsation) NOUN

Is it me or are the UK NHS, and the One size fits all Canadian Healthcare systems being subjected to an unhealthy (Anyone else get the irony?) and obsessive Greek chorus when there are other, far superior healthcare systems in the world? Frankly the whole business makes me worried. It’s obsessive and completely over the top.

The last time I felt this way about what should be quite a mundane support system, like getting your drains cleared or other bits fixed, was that frankly weird squirm-inducing dance routine dreamed up by Danny Boyle for the last UK Olympics. See video below.

Now I’ve worked for the UK NHS, and also over here as a volunteer and part time employee of the Vancouver Island Health Authority. Hospitals and health clinics to me are necessary places, but no more worthy of the hysteria currently being demonstrated than say, calling out an emergency plumber. My taxes pay for the service they provide and the best they are going to get out of me is a sincere thank you when a job is well done. Anything more strikes me as cringe-inducing and more than slightly creepy.

My approval of what medical staff do on a day to day service is no more than what is due to any other type of service provider. Their competence will engender my respect because that is earned. Respect is due for the years of training it takes to get qualified, but this placing an institution on a national pedestal is somewhat disturbing. Yes the front line individuals are doing a tough job, but it’s what they signed up for as medical professionals on their very first day of training.

There’s something strange going on. We’re being subjected to what feels like a massive snow job. I for one am very unhappy with this state of affairs. Never mind our health services, there’s something unpleasant under the surface and I’m not sure what it is, but I sure as hell don’t like it.

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    1. Dr Buttar, hmm. A registered Osteopath who treats cancer and autism patients with Chelation? Chelation is a very large hammer to crack only a modest sized nut and risky to boot.

      I get that the Wu-flu is an engineered virus that was accidentally let out into the wild because of bad containment protocols. That much seems certain.

      That this pandemic is some form of black op to persuade people to get implanted with RFID chips? Again, hmm. Wear anti-RFID clothing and that’s a waste of time. Or even a large metal treated patch over the injection site to shield any implanted chip from scans. RFID’s have a very limited range and can be blocked quite easily. That dog ain’t gonna hunt whichever way you chase the bear.


      1. The RFID is mandatory ID, not tracking, that the doctor is talking about. He may be an expert in virology but just a layman with electronics, doesn’t do a good explanation, and so I would excuse him on that count. Besides it seems to me that you are conflating RFID with 5G which he also mentions. Its possible to use 5G for tracking and crowd control but the doctor is talking about the RF effects on cells. However, there is more than enough solid evidence regarding what Bill Gates’ agenda is. All you have to do is look at ID2020 and Event201, and the organizations funding them. You will see that Gates is in it up to the neck. For years now, Gates has been advocating vaccines as a method for population control and now ID – the scientist that actually made this work (forget his name) -. also had a stake in the Wuhan lab and has been jailed for it. Also, check out Gate’s performance with polio vaccine in India, and HIV vaccine in Africa.

        One more point of discussion about RFID, yes its only short range, but imagine things like paying for your groceries or access to essential services dressed in a Faraday cage – because if this is administered via a vaccine it will be in the blood, so a treated patch over the injection site would not work. In addition, in a totalitarian society (which is where this is all heading), no scan – no services, no travel, no food etc.

        What is also clear is that regardless of how the virus came to be released, its an engineered bio weapon. Personally I believe the Chinese wanted this virus to combat the protesters in Hong Kong… well guess who went poof? The protesters. Trump is investigating the 3.7 million dollars funneled to the Wuhan lab by Fauci, The same lab that Gates has a stake in.


        1. The thing about vaccines as such is that they are only a means of getting the body to produce the right antibodies. Once the immunity is in place you don’t need another injection, except maybe a mild ‘booster’ five or ten years down the track. The original material in the vaccine is filtered out of the body via the kidneys and lymphatic system within a few weeks at the most.

          As for anti-RFID clothing, it’s already widely available from specialist travel shops. I’ve had an anti-RFID rain jacket for three years now. And an anti-RFID document pouch and wallet. If you travel as much as I like to do, they’re not paranoia, they’re essentials.

          Try here;


    1. Sadly Julia the clapping morons have been out in force where we live. I hope to run into one of them soon so I can tell them exactly what I feel about the NHS that has served my own family so badly and in one case lethally.


    2. 7pm every night we get people banging bells and rattling their stupid bloody windchimes. It’s starting to get annoying although their numbers are fortunately dwindling.


  1. We’re under medical martial law. You’d better adore the troops or suffer the wrath of the brainwashed masses.


    1. I’m looking at the situation, particularly the abuse of Police powers. The reckoning when this is all over will be massive unless there’s a complete rollback of the emergency legislation, and quite a bit of Blair era stuff too. Those hate speech laws have got to go.


      1. ” The reckoning when this is all over will be massive”

        Many have been saying this since the start, but in view of the UK public’s astonishing willingness to go along with lockdown, I really fear for our future – with or without CV, and any other virus that may come along. Can you imagine the response if Argentina invaded the Falklands now?


        1. There is a point where even the most sheepish will revolt. Without some kind of rollback of the current measures in the near future, I too see everything falling apart. The current behaviour of certain Police forces is such a point of failure.


  2. “Yes the front line individuals are doing a tough job, but it’s what they signed up for as medical professionals on their very first day of training”

    There have been a couple of “Fly on the wall” TV series filmed on HMS Duncan, which has a fairly young crew – some are brand new recruits. I got much the same impression when the ship had to go on a war footing for real. It was if they were thinking “But I didn’t think we would REALLY have to fight”…


    1. I’ve done a placement in A & E and had to deal with dead bodies carted in from RTA’s and the like. But one of the things that was drilled into us was the emergency plan each hospital and health authority used to have. You were left under no illusions that when push came to shove it was all hands to the pumps. Maybe disaster training has moved on since then.


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