Mutatis mutandis

Was just browsing the science sources and a recent paper flagged up on my radar. Fun fact; did you know there are three variants of Covid-19? I didn’t, until a short while ago. Variant A is the original ‘Bat’ flu. Variant B, found in Wubei, mainly affects Chinese Asian people. Variant C is now endemic in the West.

Researchers have also documented 10 mutations in the viral journey from Wuhan to Mexico for example. So not only is the Wu-flu contagious, but it’s out in the wild and mutating now. This is not the change that was sought, surely?

Oh whoopee.

So tell me again, why are we still allowing flights out of China to land in the West?

2 thoughts on “Mutatis mutandis”

  1. Why indeed, Bill? Meanwhile, if you haven’t ready seen it, this may entertain you. Google ‘Exercise Cygnus’ and weep!


    1. Ah, one of those think tank contingency exercises like the old nuclear war drills. If Parliament hadn’t prolonged Brexit, maybe there would have been some time to at least put a few reserves in place.

      Canada is worse, they gave away our medical reserves.


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