Ants in my pantry

Being a moderate cook I try and keep a pretty tidy kitchen. A place for everything and (Mostly) everything in it’s place. I look at it this way. A kitchen is like a workshop. Keep it tidy and you’ll never lose anything or trip and fall flat on your stupid face. I may have a stupid face, but I do my best not to make it look any more stupid than it can possibly be. So I try and keep work surfaces clear and as clean as is practicable, so no-one gets food poisoning.

So imagine my shock when I picked up a packet of sugar today to make some feed for the Hummingbirds and half a dozen tiny ants dropped off it. Bloody things. I paid for that sugar, these freeloading bastards didn’t, so out comes the ant killer and I busy myself emptying all the cupboards and evicting the squatters. Thoroughly spray empty cupboards and leave the powder down for an hour before hoovering the excess up and giving the cupboards a proper clean with antiseptic wipe downs of everything before the dry goods and cans go back in.

The ants are now history. Until they establish a new run. But I’ll be ready for them.

We currently rent our Canadian domicile, choosing not to buy a house over here, but if it were down to me I would be getting pest control in to fumigate the place while we take a hike out for the week to fresher pastures. Unfortunately due to the current lockdown that isn’t going to happen for a while. So we do the best we can with the resources available.

Frankly the end of this quarantine can’t come too soon as Mrs S has decided I need a haircut. She’s got out my old trimmer kit and has, how can I put this? A slightly malicious twinkle in her eye. I think I should be afraid. Very afraid. I think she’s going to go all Wednesday Addams on me.

No, seriously, despite everything Mrs S and I are still getting on like the proverbial house on fire. You know what I mean; screams, sirens, collapsing buildings and a lot of curious onlookers wondering when the bodies are going to be brought out.

This is my life, such as it is. It’ll have to do until something better comes along.

4 thoughts on “Ants in my pantry”

  1. Poor Ants. You aren’t dealing with them very sensibly. Tell them to bugger off, preferably in French. All Ants are French, especially Canadian Ants.

    If that fails then introduce a couple of Toads of opposite genders. They’ll hoover up the next lot, and ad infinitum.

    Killing Ants is not a good idea because their surviving brotherhood race in to retrieve the dead bodies. And there will always be one that you missed. I bet you didn’t know this about Ants.

    Back into The Food Chain is the only option.


    1. Yes, the little buggers navigate by scent trails, which I nuked with bleach after spraying their probable points of entry and laying down that powder stuff to poison their queen. I’m counting upon the little sods taking their fallen brethren (Sistren?) back to their nest…. .

      As for engaging in dialogue en francais. Certainment pas..


  2. When serving in Singapore in the Army, the Cookhouse used to get supplies of sugar in 56lb burlap sacks. loaded, of course, with lots of ants. The sugar was put into bowls and the bowls put onto the tables. When a spoonful of sugar was put into a mug if tea, the sugar sank and the ants floated. where they coukd simply be fished out and discarded.


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