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Mildly concerned about the most recent knife attack in London as it happened in an area that Youngest regularly passes through on her way to and from various venues. So it’s the usual mildly frantic back and forth on the messaging services we use to confirm she’s not in amongst the victims or witnesses. Don’t know what we’d do if she was, but the very least would be us on the next available flight out to London to help out any way we could. Nice to hear that the Met were on the ball and shot the assailant, but not so good for the folks he managed to damage.  By the way, kudos to the guys who tackled the knife wielder with a fire extinguisher and (Would you adam and eve it) a Narwal tusk.

We fretted for a while about Youngest getting caught up in these things, but this is where she has chosen to be, and it turns out she was in a nearby pub with her mates at the time, having missed the whole stabby event by twenty wonderful minutes. We’re relieved, but what can you do but do the parent thing and at least show her that we do worry about her safety?

Other news is that I picked up my postal ballot yesterday and will be using it shortly. Small hint; it won’t be going to any remainer candidate, they’ve been messing things up for the last three years to the point where UK business is having trouble planning much needed investments and creating employment and thus wealth. Mrs S feels the same way, so as far as we’re concerned Labour, the Limp Dems and Greens are out of luck. They’re all equally clueless.

As for the vociferous big business lobby who continually push for European integration, which will be good for them but very few others, they got the UK into this mess, so no sympathy for when BREXIT does finally happen. I hope Johnson does get a large majority to push BREXIT through but I’m also hoping that Big Nige and the BREXIT party will bag a few seats, just enough to keep the Tories feet to the fire. One should not put thy faith in people with such a singularly poor track record of backsliding. Okay, my heart says vote Tory, but my head says they’re not to be trusted.

What else? Oh yes, I brought my Lemon and Grapefruit plants into the kitchen, away from the frosts and hailstorms which are currently making their presence felt in our neck of the woods. One of the Lemon plants is looking a bit scraggly, but out of the other five, three have stems almost as thick as the tip if my little finger. Also our four Grapefruit seedlings are well leafed and will probably need larger pots by the time Spring rolls around. It’s quite the little jungle in the sunny corner of the kitchen. Our deck garden is looking a bit woebegone after the adverse weather, however, ’tis the season etcetera.

With regard to our current Canadian day jobs, Mrs S and I have decided we’re jacking them in 2020 when our contracts end. It will mean a bit of rearrangement of tax and investment strategy, but we should be fine. I have a not inconsiderable cash reserve to drop into the pot, which will help. Why we’re doing this is the continual messing around the Ministry insist on imposing on our organisation. The plan is for me to do a little online retraining, as will Mrs S, then next spring we’ll be packing our bags and setting off for pastures new for a while to see what we can make of things. Even with only a minority Trudeau Government in charge they will economically damage Canada to the point where it is going to be much less business friendly than we’d like, so we’re spreading our wings and pootling off to see what we can find.

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  1. “…my heart says vote Tory, but my head says they’re not to be trusted…”

    I couldn’t agree more: I hope for sufficient TBP members elected to ensure that we get a proper Brexit, ideally with Brussells told to bugger off if they demand any sum greater than forty-seven pence.


    1. It will be interesting will it not Ted, to see how long the EU lasts after a successful BREXIT.

      The Germans won’t appreciate having to pick up the taxation slack when there’s no more UK paying a good one seventh of those bloated EU expenses.


  2. I have just returned my postal vote.Like you all I want is for the UK to get out of the Evil Empire.It should not really be my concern as I live in New Zealand, but my pension is paid from there and of course is dependent on the value of the pound.
    Glad your daughter is ok,I have been close to a couple of IRA bombs myself and my younger son was in bomb disposal for a few years and it can be a little scary.

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    1. Like you I recall the many bombs during the IRA years and one thing sticks in my head. People of Corbyn’s political stripe were all ready to speak up in defence of the terrorist, but never the terrorised civilian population.

      Those on the political left, the progressive ‘champagne socialists’, are not or ever have been, on the side of the ordinary person.


  3. All is well here in Brittany. But then the French never did pay much attention to The EU.
    I hope Britain Leaves. But then I always have thought that this would be better for Britain.


    1. Yes, unlike the UK, the French do not slavishly implement any EU directive that does not benefit their political class directly. While the UK has thousands of public employees devoted to EU compliance, the French have one small office on the Rue Lafayette with two staff and an industrial strength shredding machine.


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