The London Cough

Excuse me, I will be brief. Am currently suffering from what I am calling ‘The London Cough’, an unspecified ailment caused by excessive catarrh build up at the back of the throat. It begins with a rather unpleasant hacking cough, accompanied by repeated feverish episodes that doesn’t follow the normal pattern of a seasonal cold. Usual cold and cough medication barely touches it. Just when You’ve got to feeling somewhere near normal and you’re no longer coughing up dark green chunks, along comes another bout. Not to mention the disruption of sleep which is further debilitating to the point where only repeated naps of up to two hours each are possible. Five days of this so far (Add on top of normal sleep deprivation from jet lag as we’re back in BC now) leading to an overall malaise that makes you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck.

This malady is not quite Flu, as there are no real aches, and the fever comes in short bouts, just like having one cold after another. Very curious, but also debilitating. Mrs S was first to catch it, four days before we were due to fly out and I two days after. Thus our flight back to BC was punctuated by hacking from others so afflicted. Wonderful in flight entertainment, not. Or should that be snot?

See you when I’m feeling human once more.

4 thoughts on “The London Cough”

  1. I want to share a remedy for this plague! and it is 100% pure Oregano oil. I use 10-13 drops with a 1/2oz of pure virgin Olive oil mixed well,once in the AM and once at bedtime after you brush your teeth.
    The other is a nasal spray I invented 15yrs ago using one drop oregano oil 100% with a small amount of Himalayan sea salt, and a small amount of sodium bicarbonate mixed with distilled water. This mix is good for 2oz in a nasal spray bottle which you can get on eBay.Now it will burn for about 5-10sec., but after that, you will find breathing much, much better. Hope this helps! write me if you have any questions.


  2. Rum (the dark stuff, not that Bacardi imitation) & Aniseed usually clears it for me. The first one might taste slightly medicinal but after three or four, you’re feeling quite mellow and don’t give a damn.


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