I was watering the deck garden today, pleased that the sun was paying us a protracted visit. The weather of late has been windier and damper than average leading to an upsurge in umbrella sales. So many locals are adopting them for shelter against the elements, when a small idea popped into my head. About outlaws. Well not so much real Robin Hood or William Tell outlaws, but those dubbed ‘bad’ by a vociferous and corrupt faction in the media and political classes. I think we all know to whom I refer. The oppressors who use cries of “You’re a racist!” or “You’re an (add poorly latinised prefix here)ophobe!” to bludgeon any opposing voices into submission. Because the currently oppressed don’t think themselves bad people, they’re just saying “Not so fast. Give them time. Let the newbies integrate.”

The bad guys are those currently with power, the ones who pass laws giving privilege to the politically connected, in hock to NGO’s and the UN like Trudeau and his Liberals or corporate interests like Scheer and the Progressive Conservatives up here in Canada. To my eyes, they’re just two sides of the same debased coinage. You can include the NDP and Greens in that club too. They all sing off the same polluted hymn sheet.

It’s easy to be an outlaw in today’s political climate. I can think of three major candidates; Donald Trump in the USA, Nigel Farage in the UK and up here in the not so frozen north, ‘Mad’ Maxime Bernier. All three the result of personal passion and a genuine desire to help the little guy against their corporate overlords. In effect the Robin Hoods of global politics. I do not include Boris Johnson in this group because I have my suspicions, although if he can get BREXIT by October 31st when I’ll be in London, perhaps he can join the ranks of the Merry Men, especially if he enlists the support of the BREXIT party to move things along. The Tories as they are currently structured may be toast, but I have a seeming that Boris might just weld a new small state, pro small business Conservative Party together out of the wreckage. Not what the UK has had in recent years, which was effectively ‘Blue Labour’ but something a little more broad which actually recognises that what was good for the big corporate interests is not good for the smaller concerns, who can’t afford all the ‘compliance’ business today seems to require.

I liked his openings. Above and below. Love the wailing of broken-hearted lefties in the background.

Johnson’s speech proper opens at four minutes and ten minutes. Corbyn’s reply at twenty one minutes and twenty five seconds. Johnson’s riposte begins at thirty two minutes and forty eight seconds. Ian Duncan-Smith drops in a carefully planted question at thirty nine minutes and eighteen seconds. I could have listened to the rest but quite frankly the sun is shining and my throttle hand is getting twitchy.

Other good news is that now we have a certainty that BREXIT will happen, the value of the pound has begun to rise again. I am really looking forward to London 31st October. There will be champagne.

Now I’m off to get suited and booted. TTFN.

3 thoughts on “Outlaws”

  1. The Exchange Rate, Euro to Pound has only got worse. 90 Pence to The Euro at the moment. It has been worse over the last ten years, but not by much. It has been a long haul bordering on daily poverty on my British State Pension.
    Not that I need to care any more. I now have The French Food Bank for which I am eternally grateful. And given with such good grace.

    I only ever wanted Brexit for Britain, despite being an Expat. So this whole awful process has been a bit difficult for me. I so love my small corner of Brittany, but I did so want Britain to be better than it was when I left 26 years ago. And it was pretty bloody bloody even then.

    I am not sure if Britain will ever recover, but at least it has half of a chance now.

    No, I won’t be going back. I have become accustomed to the kindness and good manners that still surprise me.


      1. I don’t have any Sterling Holdings. That all got spent on educating my children and recovering thereafter. Not that I begrudge a penny of that.
        I guess that I am just good at poverty. But I did manage to pay for these two houses. No, I don’t rent out next door any more. Too much stress. French tenants aren’t any better than Brits.

        My next door French neighbours spent some long time in Canada and then came back. My French isn’t good enough to ask them why without fear of offending. Canada has always seemed like a good place to me. Albeit a bit far away.

        I do own The Freehold of a rather large house in Plymouth, but that won’t earn me a fortune in my lifetime.

        The one place that I really do not want to be is England.


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