Done and done

That’s it. I have the papers for my postal vote and will be casting ballots against both my old constituencies Tory incumbent and the Labour / Limp Dem / Green ‘opposition’ in future, in favour of either the BREXIT or UKIP candidate.

The UK will still be an EU member on 23-26 May 2019 and not ratified the Withdrawal Agreement by 22 May 2019, so those are my voting intentions. Stick that in your polls and smoke it. Although not in a non-smoking area, which is most of the UK.

The mainstream UK political class have screwed over a large democratic vote, I’m talking Tories, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Greens, so they all now richly deserve hammering after hammering at the ballot box. Not just the local elections but at every election. Remove the mandate, the access to power and privilege that the old guard of politicians (From all sides of Parliament) have so flagrantly abused by the only peaceful means possible. Time for the party to end. Call it a mandatectomy is you will.

Throw the bums out, as our colonial cousins would say.

3 thoughts on “Done and done”

  1. Bill, not sure if you chaps over there have heard, it certainly hasn’t been reported in the MSM, but Treason May and the minister for Brexit are being sued by Robin Tillbrook, chairman of the English Democrats and a former appeals court judge. In law, we left the EU at 11pm on 29th March. May’s statutory instrument to extend A50 bypassed parliament and so it is unlawful. MP Bill Cash also caught on to this but he has taken no action. Read more here:


    1. I’d heard about it. Just didn’t think the courts would uphold the decision. Of course that could be me being a tad cynical about the state of UK justice.


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