May, you leave?

Excuse the comma, but Madame Tracey, UK Prime Monster really has got to go. A vote of no confidence from her own party is needed and then she should step aside to let someone who can deliver BREXIT, not the abortion currently referred to as the ‘Chequers deal’. Even the EU is offering a Canada-style (a.k.a. Canada-plus) free trade deal which would allow the UK to negotiate outside of its auspices, so why the focus on Chequers when nobody likes it? As David Davies points out in the Sunday Times this week (Paywalled), the public does not like Chequers, Parliament doesn’t like it, nor does the EU. So why on Earth is Theresa May so damned keen on pushing this dead donkey up a hill? Despite what the big corporates think, no deal is way better than chequers. Oh and by the way, weren’t they part of the cabal that got the UK into this mess?

I’m just old enough to recall all the propaganda surrounding joining the then European Economic Community, how big business promised more car sales, more sales of everything to this wonderful ‘common market’. What happened to the UK’s automotive sector? Leyland/Rover got flushed down the pan. Land Rover and Jaguar are still going (now owned by Indian conglomerate Tata). But the big Longbridge site I was once familiar with is long gone. Remember Rover?

What the propagandists also forgot to mention was how over three decades the EU would morph into a bureaucratic monster. Even though that was in the game plan all along. A European Superstate run by the self-selected ‘elite’ few. Democracy to be quietly sidelined for the convenience of bureaucrats. But you knew all this didn’t you? Because all the relevant information was openly posted on the EU’s own web sites. Go and look. Don’t just take my word for it.

Yet despite assurances the UK’s sovereignty has been repeatedly sold down the river. First by Heath, then John Major with Maastricht, then Gordon Brown effectively committing Treason when he slunk off to ratify the latest Lisbon treaty salami slice without a mandate. May on the other hand has a mandate and furthermore has reiterated that BREXIT means BREXIT.

One could say, well article 50 has been triggered.  Northern Ireland has a border which may need extra customs officers, but so what?  Why the prevarications?  Well, one answer may be that May is a known Remainer who appears to be doing a bad job in the hope BREXIT will all go pear shaped so that the UK stays within the oleaginous grasp of the EU. Another explanation might be that she lost her nerve early on and is trying to please everyone but ending up pleasing no-one. Which is one good reason why a vote of no confidence and a short sharp leadership contest might not be such a bad idea.

2 thoughts on “May, you leave?”

  1. Funny how so many are now against the Chequers farce, yet for decades only a mere handful made any criticism of the EU at all, oh yes they joined in the rhetoric, but who among them made moves to remove us, hint ; you’ve wont need to remove your socks whilst adding them up.

    Recall when it came to elect the current PM, after Cameron the Vanished did his will o the wisp routine, they couldn’t put their names quickly enough to the most useless Home Secretary in living memory, where exactly was hero Boris, waiting to see where the tide levelled before rolling his trouser leg up?

    The likes of JRM saying all the right things, and doing very little practically, with his following in the country he could have taken the leadership of the tory party easily, assuming of course there are any genuine conservatives left in it.
    I fear the tory party is proving itself once more to be the party of treason just like it was in 1973 when comrade Heath sailed us under a willing wind into the arms of the cultural marxist EU.

    Not as the other lot are any better, that last bunch of which are jointly responsible for what will prove in time to be what eventually ruins our country, a road we are already well down.

    We are represented by a huge majority of traitors in both houses with barely a handful even claiming to be patriotic, and and even smaller handful of those i suspect genuine in their opposition to what has passed and to what is to come, none of them prepared to actually move to remove May, until its too late…though to be fair who would want to lead such a shallow treacherous buyable crew.

    Didn’t our Sovereign sign off on Lisbon at the time? all she had to do was say no.


    1. “Didn’t our Sovereign sign off on Lisbon at the time? all she had to do was say no.” Indeed. Probably because she, like most of us, didn’t have time to read the entire text. Like with most MEP’s, assistants do the actual reading and tell the MEP how to vote. I think there’s a lot more of that goes on at Buck House.


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