The Axis of Evil

Well I declare; Facebook is sniffing around US banks to obtain users transaction data. By proxy, considering that Facebook maintains databases which compile profiles on even non-users like myself, this is dangerous territory. I have already written to the banks of whom I am an account and shareholder for assurances that they will not provide any customer transaction data to Facebook or any other Social Media company whatsoever. Whether these ‘Social Media’ companies are ‘actively’ seeking it or not. Personally I find the denials flimsy and untrustworthy.

The risk here is that Facebook, Twitter, Google et al are actively seeking to extend their tentacles into every aspect of modern life. Given these platforms propensity for shadow banning, account deletion and general censoriousness, there is good reason to suspect that once such access is gained they will use it to further their own corporate agendas, not just sell advertising. Given that these platforms have demonstrated a clear propensity for de-platforming people they disagree with, those who do not conform may find their financial affairs restricted.

Working as I do with money, which has no politics, I find the hinted intrusion of Social Media companies into the financial arena a direct threat to my affairs, even if that threat is so far existential. As far as I am concerned, Facebook (LinkedIn), Alphabet Corporation (Google, YouTube), Twitter etc. just became the bad guys, forming an ‘Axis of evil’. “Don’t be evil.” just lost the “Don’t.” These corporate monsters now represent a more insidious form of soft Fascism than anyone would have previously thought possible, but here we are. All the trust we have given them, they have routinely abused.

Over the next few days I will also be deleting my Facebook-owned professional LinkedIn account, after first informing all my real life friends and professional contacts that I am doing so via email. LinkedIn never brought me any worthwhile work offers anyway.

6 thoughts on “The Axis of Evil”

  1. I’ve been warning about FB on the blog since 2007 – they are evil in whatever definition you like. I find it hard to even navigate round and only maintain a presence because of Russians who follow my posts through there.


    1. It’s not just facebook, it’s the entire insidiousness of being tracked. I regularly do my IT housekeeping, delete search histories and cookies, run adblocker and try not to click on Ads. I’m not a ‘customer’.

      As for writing to my Banks. One fights with the weapons one has.


  2. Some weeks ago, among my normal shopping paid for by Debit Card, I bought a bottle of Fizzy Lemon Water that I had never purchased before. The very next day an advert for this water appeared on The Daily Mail Site. Am I being paranoid?


    1. Some days ago I discovered that I had signed up for FaceBook. I have no idea how this happened.
      It took them half a day to link me to my son, whose name incidentally is not related to mine in content. How the hell do they do this?


      1. I have no Facebook account that I know of and can’t answer that question. It could be that your ‘account’ was an advert designed to slurp your email address. I try not to click on such things and always examine the URL in the search bar.

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    2. In this case, perhaps, unless your ,means of payment is linked to your account. Could be you ran a search for it and the Wail site cookies found the reference in your browser cookies. I run adblockers on all my browsers (I run 6) and always clear my search histories at least once a week.

      It’s not paranoia, just good IT housekeeping.


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