A thought about Dunning-Kruger

It’s an easy toss-off isn’t it? Accuse someone of Dunning-Kruger syndrome to claim some form of nebulous ‘superiority’ and thus disarm their arguments. It’s become a “Fuck off moron, you’re too stupid to understand.” Generally by people who think they’ve learned all there is to know and that they’re the world authority on everything.

Now as my one remaining reader will attest, I make no claims to be a towering intellect save that of possessing some low animal cunning and the ability to spot a steaming heap of bullshit at two hundred paces. No, I’m not ‘well educated’, have no university degree although I’ve taken a number of online (2010-17) University courses for which I have received better than average marks (usually around 70-80%, although I’ve scored over 90% on more than one occasion) These are not ‘free’ courses by the way. Proper professional qualifications with real certificates. So I’m not totally Mr Thickie. And if I don’t know, I’ll do some research and ask pertinent questions. Then say my say. Yes I may be ‘unskilled’, but do know where the limits of my knowledge lie. Because I like to learn and a man should always push his own mental envelope.

The problem with accusing those you disagree with of suffering from Dunning Kruger in a scattergun fashion is that it will always come back to bite you, especially when the target of said accusation can quote their stated case chapter and verse. Also because even multiple PhD’s can have it dead wrong. As has been proven time after time. Ask me for some examples and I’ll happily provide links to studies supporting my arguments. Because that’s how knowledge expands, by an individual looking at a situation and going “That’s not right.” And you don’t have to be a graduate to question the status quo. Being correct is all that matters.

2 thoughts on “A thought about Dunning-Kruger”

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