Travelling again…

Next step of our journey looms. Amsterdam and all points Dutch. A Switch of beers from Tuborg to Heineken. From apartment to hotel. A few points further south. Day trips to the Hague and similar are planned.

As cities go I’ve enjoyed our stay in Copenhagen. Very easy to walk, very flat. Picturesque, with few buildings more than seven storeys tall. Also undergoing a couple of large scale redevelopments in the centre. I wouldn’t want to drive here, that’s a certainty. This is not a vehicle friendly city, even if it is mostly a friendly city. Fine to visit, but like most capital cities, very expensive to live in.

Youngest, although she’s not a girl any more but an intelligent young woman in her own right, capable of making her own way in the world, has gone back to jolly old Londinium to continue her work of trying to sort other people’s legal lives for them. She has a solid network of friends and associates now, some quite highly placed in her section of the legal firmament, so needs very little assistance, either emotional or financial, from us. ‘Youngest’ no longer seems an adequate term because although she’ll always be the second born, she’s earned the right to a more flattering label. Something will come to me.

I notice the two minute media hate is still spewing against the President Trump who has actually been talking to those naughty Russkians instead of listening to the constant litany of ‘Russia is bad’ propaganda, which gets us nowhere. Newsflash kiddies – this is not the old Stalinist Soviet Union we’re dealing with here, they’re mostly democratic and quite capitalist nowadays and definitely not filling mass graves with tens of millions like they used to in the bad old socialist and communist days. So why aren’t we talking to them? Jaw-jaw is better than war-war, as Winston Churchill once put it. Trade better than conflict. All right, Putin jails the odd journalist, but so does everyone else. The Russians are just more open about it. They have a robust attitude, which is to their credit.

Eldest has been to Russia and recommends Moscow and St Petersburg as Summer tourist destinations. So a trip there might be worth the price of a visa. There’s a lot of Russian tourists here in Copenhagen if these old ears don’t deceive me. Just like there are a lot of Americans. I’ve picked up a pdf copy of ‘Russian for Dummies’ and over Winter will be trying to gain a smattering of Russian so we can at least navigate and negotiate our way around.

7 thoughts on “Travelling again…”

  1. My youngest child is 52 years old, and oh my, what a pratt. Some of his opinions really offend me. I just skirt around it when he starts sounding off on things that he mainly has no personal knowledge of.
    Was I ever so awful? I have a nasty suspicion that I was.


    1. Youngest isn’t thirty yet. She’s a good kid, perhaps better than we’d expected. We do disagree, but always talk it out. If she ever repeats an outlandish assertion my first question is; “Really? Where did you get that from?”


  2. Yes, all Democrats know Russia is bad, especially Bill & Hillary, that’s why Bill spoke in Moscow for $500K whilst his wife sold 20% of the US Uranium to the Russians. Oh of course there was the $145m donated to the Clinton Foundation.
    The Democrats are angry about ‘Russian interference’ in the US election because they revealed how the Democrats shafted Bernie.
    Who’s the traitor?


    1. “whilst his wife sold 20% of the US Uranium to the Russians.”
      Your point would’ve been better made if you’d got your facts right. Hillary didn’t make the decision; nine federal agencies were required to approve the Uranium One transaction before it could go forward. To date, there is no evidence that any of this uranium made its way to Russia.


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