Unlucky for some

The EU’s notorious Article 13 vote made it through the first stages of the legislative process recently. Which is another bloody good reason to hate that corpulent bureaucracy. The overweening state. That detestable cancerous growth of unearned, undemocratic privilege.

Yet I see hope. Not merely in the voter backlash but ensconced in history. In 1501, Pope Alexander VI, one of the notorious Borgia family (The father of Cesare, Giovanni, Gioffre and Lucrezia), issued a Papal Bull against unlicensed printing presses (Not listed on Wikipedia but is referenced in the Foreword of the 1993 “Dictionary of the Printing and Allied Industries” by F.J.M. & E.F.P.H. Wijnekus). However, like so many Papal Bulls, it failed. It failed because the papal position was weak. Rather like the modern EU, weakened by Brexit, threatened by secession by the Italians and overt non-compliance from Poland, Hungary and other of the ex-Warsaw pact Eastern European states.

Indeed, the comparison of the Borgia popes to modern day EU commissioners holds true. The EU commission is overtly corrupt, greedy and more than willing to use their power to serve the agenda of the rich and powerful.

As with the persecution of printers during the late renaissance and later reformation, this fight has a long way to go. Ultimately this conflict also has a foregone conclusion. The EU will lose. But not until after repeated battles. Which means all of us who care will have to prime our dictionaries and .303 eloquence and keep on fighting in the war for cyber-freedom. Because the power-junkies of the EU will never be satisfied if we don’t.

Let us hope that Article 13 will prove terminally unlucky for them.

2 thoughts on “Unlucky for some”

  1. Brexit is terminally fatal for them. Having your 2nd largest contributor check out causes all kinds of problems, but the main problem for the hated EU is that had they been a little more conciliatory, Brexit wouldn’t have happened. It is their own dogmatism that is contributing towards their demise. We see this in Central Europe with Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria not complying with EU migrant quotas. Italy is openly defying the EU and stopping the ships coming into harbour, and now the Swedish Democrats are talking about a referendum on the EU as indeed are the Poles. Even in Germany the CSU is pressureing Merkel (the real leader of the EU) into stopping the mass immigration. Britain popped the cork and let the genie out of the bottle, and nothing is going to put it back in again.


    1. Rapscallion; no argument from me. I want the EU as it is structured to fail. It’s meddling in things it has no business sticking it’s sticky, greedy little fingers in.


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