Bloody hell fire..

The Kilauea situation in Hawaii continues. Hundreds of homes, farms, businesses and vacation rentals wiped out as you can see in the above broadcast. Not just the few dozen as before. Hundreds. The most active lava flow has almost filled Kapoho bay (!) and overnight completely steamrollered the Vacationland resort. Hope their insurance is good. The building ablaze looks like one of the B&B’s in the area. So that’s off the holiday destination list for the time being.

Definitely heading for the Antipodes for some Winter warmth in early 2019, so the fabled land of Oz is on the cards and maybe Kiwiland. Just not Hawaii. At least until the lava cools.

Update:  Vacationland and whole area ‘wiped out’ see local TV news report below.

Looks like Guatemala is off the list too.  We have Canadian friends who spend a lot of time down there.  Hope they’re not in the affected area.

Current global map of active eruptions here.