The nature of ‘Hate’

My, my. This is an interesting one. We see incidences where the state and various witch hunting twatter mobs want to punish people for saying the ‘wrong’ thing. Or having a bit of a public meltdown. Or making a silly joke to annoy their partner. There’s an awful lot of hate out there in Interwebland. Or so you’d think.

Mrs S and I were discussing this topic recently while annoying serving staff kept on trying to bust in on our conversation with repeated “Is everything all right?” butting in to conversations without having the good manners to let me finish what I was saying. Who tells them it’s okay to do this? If I’m still talking and the serving person has delivered my food and drink that’s the last I need to see of them unless there is a problem, which there so rarely is. I haven’t bitten anyone yet, but I’m often sorely tempted to deliver a stern lecture on good manners to intrusive serving staff. Which doesn’t make me a ‘hater’ by the way, simply someone who doesn’t like to be treated disrespectfully by people expecting a reward for ‘good’ service.

Besides, who defines what is ‘hate’? The courts? Farcebook or Twatter? Some humourless mentally underage YouTube ‘moderator’? Here’s a thing; what is ‘offensive’ to some of their more hypersensitive users may to me or others simply be part of the healthy cut and thrust of debate. Having a differing opinion is not offensive. Making a rather lame joke is not offensive. However, posting personal attacks, doxxing, threats of violence, attempts at intimidation and public campaigns to get someone fired or attacking their livelihoods, I think most sober and sensible people can agree, are most definitely ‘hateful’. All else is political peccadillo and uninformed frippery.

Which is the consensus Mrs S and I came to. We also came to the conclusion that British Columbia, Canada has become a Stepford kind of place. Which we’re finding increasingly creepy. We’re also coming to the conclusion that language is changing significantly, because the words ‘Activist’ and ‘Arsehole’ (US / Canada ‘Asshole’) are rapidly becoming synonyms.